Diet, Physical Activity & Body Composition

The Diet, Physical Activity and Body Composition Core  offers methodological expertise to investigators at UNC and across the nation for studies in human populations. This expertise assures that scientists use the latest cutting-edge methods in diet, physical activity, and body composition assessment in their research studies, and allows them to share the infrastructure (trained personal, software and equipment) that exists within the core rather create their own duplicate capacity. Services include:

Grant Development & Consultation
Dietary Assessment-Consultation for project development, write up, data analysis and database development
Physical Activity Assessment-Consultation for project development, write up, post-award assistance, data analysis and data reduction methods
Other-Choice of biomarkers and write up

Dietary Assessment-NDSR, FFQ, ASA24
Physical Activity Assessment-Objective & Self-Report Physical Activity Monitoring
Other-Environmental and Policy Assessment and Observation System (EPAO) and the Healthy Home Survey and HomeSTEAD

Questionnaire & Database Development
Customized online databases and food frequency questionnaires for dietary assessment. This includes the development of web-based forms, processing, quality assurance and data output files.

Dietary Assessment          
24-Hour Diet Recalls (NDSR)-Includes set-up, tracking, attempts, quality assurance, analysis and data output files
24-Hour Diet Recalls (ASA24)-Includes includes setup, tracking, attempts and quality assurance
Food Records-Includes data entry, resolution of unknowns and quality assurance
User Recipe Analysis
Menu Analysis

Accelerometry is the preferred method of measuring physical activity among free-living physical activity individuals. Of available equipment, Actigraph is one of the most widely used vendors for equipment to assess physicial activity among people of all ages. Services from the core includes equipment rental, training, and data processing.

 Core Personnel

Elizabeth Mayer-Davis, PhD, Core Director

Professor and Chair
Department of Nutrition
T: (919) 966-7218


Meg Mangan, MS, RD, LDN, Core Manager

Department of Nutrition
T: (919) 966-7236


Service Request Form
To request Diet & Physical Activity Core services, please complete the online service request form. For more information about the core, please contact Meg Mangan, Core Manager.