The Clinical Nutrition Research Service and Metabolic Kitchen at UNC Healthcare offer a variety of nutrition research assistance to complement your clinical studies. Contact us to assist with all stages of the feeding study. Our dietitians will assist with the design and development of specific research diets. The metabolic kitchen uses computer software (ProNutra, Food… Read more »

Given the competitive market for funding, our leadership team of experts will work with you to ensure a strong grant application that fits within your budget constraints. In addition to consultation, we will assist with design and development of data collection protocols. We facilitate the incorporation of physical activity assessments into your research grants through… Read more »

Dedicated to advancing the science of nutrition research, we assist with all stages of your project from development and data collection to data analysis. Diet data collection is done using a variety of high end and validated methods at a competitive rate. Highly skilled and experienced, our research team will collect your dietary data in… Read more »

Welcome to our collaborative effort. The Nutrition Obesity Research Center’s Diet and Physical Activity Assessment Core and UNC Healthcare’s Nutrition Research Kitchen & Metabolic Support Service have come together to streamline our services for convenience, and to illustrate how our services can complement your research for a successful outcome. We know it takes a lot… Read more »

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Section 1 The Nutrigenetics (NGX) Core is a new pilot core for the UNC NORC. It is an all-encompassing support system providing investigators with the design and implementation of nutrigenetic components in obesity research studies Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here. Text here…. Read more »

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The DHMRI Metabolomics Laboratory is partnering with Metabolon, an industry leader in metabolomics, to provide a range of metabolomic profiling services that quickly deliver actionable data for nutrition and obesity researchers. Metabolon’s expert biochemists, molecular biologists and nutritionists work directly with collaborators to understand investigator research goals, design well-powered metabolomics studies, and interpret the data… Read more »

The Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (MRC2) offers a wide variety of services to assist investigators at every step of metabolomics research, from study design, sample collection, data analysis and interpretation of data.  Services include well developed targeted and untargeted metabolomics platforms, lipidomics, and fluxomics, as well as statistical and bioinformatics tools to for… Read more »

The Bioinformatics Services Division (BiSD) at UNC Charlotte provides a wide range of bioinformatics services for nutrition and obesity-related research. Located on the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, their experienced team is adept at analyzing and interpreting the volumes of data produced by today’s genomic technologies. Whether you are just considering a new project and… Read more »