Training Toolkits

Biosurveillance Toolkit: Beneficial Practices for Improving Biosurveillance

The Biosurveillance Toolkit provides resources relevant to preparedness and surveillance directors and staff work in improving biosurveillance for situational awareness during a public health emergency.

NC Preparedness Coordinators Toolkit

This toolkit brings together key preparedness resources and trainings in a central location for North Carolina preparedness coordinators. Developed by the CDC-funded UNC Preparedness and Emergency Response Learning Center (UNC PERLC) in collaboration with the NC Public Health Preparedness  and Response Branch.

Reproductive Health Assessment Toolkit

This toolkit can be used by state and local health departments to assess unmet reproductive health needs following a disaster. Developed by the UNC Center for Public Health Preparedness and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Reproductive Health.

Vulnerable and At-Risk Populations Resource Guide

This quick online resource guide provides a custom list of resources with accompanying jurisdictional maps to aid local health departments in preparedness planning for vulnerable and at-risk populations. Support provided through the CDC-funded North Carolina Preparedness and Emergency Response Research Center (NC PERRC).