Impact: NCIPH's newsletter

IMPACT, NCIPH's newsletter
May 2016
CollectSMART Survey Management and Response Tools

NCIPH’s Collect SMART system for sample selection, data management, and project management.

Spring and Summer… Great Times to Collect Field Data

Primary data collection is a vital activity for local health departments, public hospitals and other community-based organizations. NCIPH has unique capacity to efficiently and effectively gather community input.

Using Collect SMART, a mobile app and project management dashboard, we partner with local agencies that need efficient, cost-effective data collection to inform and evaluate public health efforts. Our data collection method produces data of high validity and reliability that are generalizable to the community of interest.

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EBS 2.0 activity engages NC public health staff.

EBS 2.0 activity engages NC public health staff.

Skill Building and Coaching Advances Evidence-based Public Health Training

Since 2013, the Institute has partnered to offer Evidence-Based Strategies for Public Health Practice training for North Carolina’s local public health workforce. When evaluating our efforts in 2015, we discovered practitioners wanted more advanced training to help them adapt, implement a-nd evaluate specific evidence-based strategies (EBS) in their own communities. Enter EBS 2.0!

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