Mothers' Room Request Form

We have designated 227A Rosenau Hall for breastfeeding mothers to have comfort and privacy while doing this important task. You are welcome to use the room if you will agree to follow our two rules:

  1. Leave the room the way you would like to find it when you come in.

    This is to insure that the room is pleasant and clean for everyone. It means:

    • leave the sink area clean and tidy;
    • leave the chairs in good order; and
    • pick up after yourself and anyone who came with you.
  2. Keep the pass code private so only authorized users will be in the room.

This is for your safety.
Once you have signed to indicate your agreement to our two rules, you are welcome to use the room at your convenience. Submit the form below to receive the pass code for the Mother’s Room. A notification will be emailed to Amy Alves and Brent Wishart. Should you forget the pass code, you may ask for it in these offices:

  • Facilities—204 Rosenau Hall
  • Human Resources—209/210 Rosenau Hall
  • Student Affairs—263 Rosenau Hall
  • Dean’s Office—170 Rosenau Hall
Access request and agreement to the Mothers' Room, 227-A Rosenau Hall.
  • Please enter your full name.
  • Your onyen is your digital signature for this agreement.