Nurse Leader interviews UNC School of Nursing Director of Multicultural Affairs Rumay Alexander Congratulations to Dr. Rumay Alexander and to Nurse Leader on an engaging, insightful, and beautifully illustrated interview. “There were many times I was the first or the only female, first with an earned doctorate in the workplace, youngest, only nurse or only… Read more »

The Annual Minority Health Conference was launched by the Minority Student Caucus in 1977 and has been conducted nearly every year since then. Major objectives are to highlight health issues of concern to people of color and to attract students interested in minority health to the School. Initially the Conference was held in Rosenau Auditorium… Read more »

Outbreak Investigation Time frame: 1-2 days Instructor: Kim Brunette, MPH, NC Center for Public Health Preparedness Topics included: Outbreak investigation process Objectives: Study the step-by-step process of detecting, verifying, and investigating an outbreak. This course is offered in three formats: online, CD ROM, face-to-face. Class size: 20-40 Approximate times available per year: 1

12th Annual Summer Public Health Research Institute and Videoconference on Minority Health Sharon Fryar Height Sharon Fryar Height was born in Sampson County, North Carolina, a region whose rich soil is known for its private and commercial tobacco farms that make up North Carolina’s historic “Tobacco Road.” Sharon received her Bachelor of Arts degree from… Read more »