How to participate via Internet Please bookmark the link below and return on June 2nd at 1:30pm EDT for the live webcast (a test signal will be displayed beginning at 12:30pm EDT). 2015 Webcast: Advancing a Community-Based model for Violence Prevention The live broadcast will be streamed on June 2 at 1:30pm EDT (12:30pm CDT,… Read more »

Advancing a Community-Based Model for Violence Prevention 2015 Archived Webcast Speakers for the 2015 Webcast In 2015 the webcast explored a critical aspect of violence prevention – community-led action. Our speakers represented a broad diversity of perspectives and experiences on this topic.  The broadcast featured three short presentations followed by an extended question-and-answer session with… Read more »

The Impact of Poverty, Culture, and Environment on Minority Health 29th Annual Minority Health Conference and the10th Annual William T. Small Jr. Keynote Lecture February 29, 2008 Nancy Krieger, MS, PhD Professor of Society, Human Development and HealthHarvard School of Public Health Abstracts, presentation slides, and handouts Poster abstracts Cosponsors, partnerships, and endorsements Brochure Program… Read more »

A Family- and Community-Based Program to Prevent and Reduce Childhood Obesity among Latinos in Buncombe County, NC Ellen Bailey, MPH, MAAmy Lanou, PhD Alphie Rodriguez, MAIntroduction: The University of North Carolina Asheville and the YWCA of Asheville collaborated to implement a culturally competent family- and community-based program to address the nutritional and physical activity needs… Read more »

Work and Health Disparities in Rural Womem Hester J. Lipscomb, PhD Robin Argue, MPH Mary Anne McDonald, DrPH Rita Perry Emma Pender Christal Rankins Chaniqua White Hester J. Lipscomb (presenting author) Introduction: Reduction of labor costs often occurs through hiring less advantaged groups – often women, immigrants, racial minorities – who are perceived to be… Read more »

How to participate via Internet Please bookmark this page and return here on June 3rd at 1:30pm EDT for the live webcast (a test signal will be displayed beginning at 1:00pm EDT). The webcast will be at Prior to the broadcast, that page will display a test signal. The live broadcast will be streamed… Read more »

21st National Health Equity Research Webcast Advancing a Community-Based Model for Violence Prevention June 3, 2014 Featuring: Pamela Jumper Thurman, (Cherokee), Frank Perez, Leon T Andrews Jr, and moderator Nancy “Mama Nia” Wilson. 20th National Health Equity Research Webcast School to Prison Pipeline: From Perceptions to Solutions June 3, 2014 Featuring: Anthony Peguero, Melina Healey,… Read more »

Frank Perez (Abstract of Presentation) Violence being no longer viewed a criminal justice issue but rather a health one with solutions Reasoning behind this paradigm shift is because violence mimics other contagious diseases How human behavior contributes to this epidemic What can be done to stop violence and eradicate it at its sources Cure Violence… Read more »

Anthony A. Peguero (Abstract of Presentation) Research demonstrates that youth who are disciplined at school can be diverted onto a path toward social exclusion, educational failure, and economic insolvency. The conceptualization of the school-to-prison pipeline and criminalization has emerged from researchers revealing the increasing punishment of marginalized and vulnerable students.  Therefore, this presentation will provide… Read more »

Tavis Smiley Reports, Education Under Arrest (Link) Patricia J. Williams, The War on Drugs Is a War on Kids. The Nation, March 4, 2013 (Link) Mychal Denzel Smith, The School-to-Prison Pipeline Starts in Preschool (Article in The Nation) (Moyers & company) Special issue: The School-to-Prison Pipeline. Journal of Educational Controversy, Fall 2012 / Winter 2013,… Read more »