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Faculty and Staff

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Faculty and Staff

Marcia Roth, Anita Farel (l-r)

Our department’s faculty and staff are seasoned veterans in MCH practice and scholarship. Many have worked within or in close consultation with the major domestic and global MCH public health agencies – the State Health Department/Title V Program, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The U.S. Agency for International Development, The United Nations Children’s Fund, and the World Health Organization. They have also led the MCH field in teaching, continuing to introduce curricular innovations to ensure that our students obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective leaders in the field.

Currently the department has 28 faculty members, 18 of whom have primary appointments in MCH. Complementing these faculty are five emeritus members, and more than 70 adjunct faculty, many of whom hold leadership positions in MCH research and practice settings. Given the interdisciplinary nature of our department, faculty and staff research interests and activities span the full array of issues and areas of focus for the maternal and child health population. Our initiatives are designed to create new knowledge and directly improve the health of this population. New, world class faculty have been carefully recruited with these goals in mind.

Our skilled and dedicated staff members support our faculty, students and alumni, ensuring that our teaching and research programs run smoothly and effectively. Together, faculty and staff help our department stay responsive to the changing needs of MCH students, alumni and the practice community.
Profiles/Contact us
Contact us

Kathy Biancardi
Assistant to Chair
Communication Specialist
401A Rosenau Hall
CB #7445

  • Inquiries to chair
  • Publicity, media updates

Anita Farel
Clinical Professor
Assistant Chair for Graduate Studies
426 Rosenau Hall
CB 7445

  • Oversight for departmental degree programs and graduate training
  • Graduate programs
  • Department liaison to School for all areas of academic programs
  • Co-Director SPH/MCH training grant

Lisa Perry
Department Manager
401B Rosenau Hall
CB #7445

  • Department administration
  • Contracts and grants management
  • Pre-award accounting and budget preparation
  • Facilities management
  • Human resources

Carrie Aldrich
Student Services Manager
424 Rosenau Hall
CB 7445

  • Admissions processes
  • Student course registration
  • Graduate program requirements, liaison to The Graduate School
  • Financial assistance

Jennifer Cole
Director Career Development
408A Rosenau Hall
CB #7445

Comprehensive career guidance including:

  • resume/CV critiques
  • correspondence critiques
  • mock interviews, interviewing skills
  • one-on-one career guidance
  • career fair prep

Marcia Roth
Director of Training Initiatives
429 Rosenau Hall
CB #7445

  • Strategic planning and curriculum development
  • Distance education initiatives
  • MCH training grants
  • Alumni relations