MHCH 713 Posters

Lindsay Bever Breithaupt shares her project, "Don't want diarrhea - what should you do? An analysis of particular WASH practices' association with diarrhea prevention in Makungwa, Zambia" with professor Lew Margolis.

Students from MHCH 713, Research Method in MCH, prepared posters representing findings from their secondary data analysis projects that they designed and completed during this semester. Poster topics included:

  • “The association between maternal education and Cesarean delivery: What’s race got to do with it?” by Amanda Zabala and Phoebe Wescott
  • “Don’t want diarrhea – What should you do? An analysis of particular WASH practices’ association with diarrhea prevention in Makungwa, Zambia” by Lindsay Bever Breithaupt
  • “Do maternal sociodemographic characteristics effect offspring NICU admissions?” by Christina Chauvenet and Kate Schultz
  • “Can educational and economic empowerment be dangerous? Patterns of intimate partner violence among women in Rwanda” by Bhavya Reddy
  • “Is maternal malaria prophylaxis associated with an increased odds of low birth weight among primigravid women residing in areas of high versus low malaria transmission? by Meheret Mamo and Hai Ryung Sung
  • “The Ethiopian community family planning program and long acting contraceptive methods” byDilshad Othman and Tekleab Mekbib
  • “Is household decision-making power associated with unmet need among Jordanian women? by Leila Dal Santo
  • “Maternal malaria prophylaxis and birth weight in Zimbabwe: What’s endemicity got to do with it? by Ashely Cobb
  • “Does spousal violence lead to an increased risk of IV for women in Zimbabwe? by Meghan Pollak and Nicole Ippoliti
  • “Does gender empowerment affect the use of condoms among women in Zimbabwe? by Anne-Christele Bogris and Timothy Kim
  • Where do rural Zimbabwean women get their contraception? by Lauren Wall and Kathryn Mitchell
  • “Maternal overweight/obesity and labor induction: What’s race got to do with it?” by Holly Krohn and Naomi Sadighi