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MCH students announce plans for summer practicum during Family Reunion

Keri Barnett-Howell, Shelley Hoekstra, Lakshmi Gopaladrisnan and Nancy DeMaria announce plans for their summer practica during Family Reunion

MCH Family Reunion

Three new student awards and roundtable networking were featured during the 2013 MCH Family Reunion, held April 11 at the William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center. Organized by the MCH Alumni Committee, with the support of the SPH Alumni Association, alumni, students, faculty, staff and friends gathered to renew ties, hear about accomplishments of the past year, and plans for the future.

Our alumni are staunch supports for our students and the department through their generous gifts. Three scholarships were awarded this year for the first time – two in the name of alumni and one to recruit a nurse interested in public health.


Theresamarie Rhyne shares her late father's enthusiasm for maternal and child health.

Family and friends of Jimmie Lee Rhyne, a 1959 MCH MPH graduate, established a scholarship in his memory that was awarded for the first time this year. The scholarship a MCH student in a domestic child or adolescent health placement.


Dr. Morrow is surprised with by a new award created in her name.

The Sarah Taylor Morrow Scholarship was established this year by her children to honor her accomplishments as a devoted mother, grandmother, physician and public health leader. She is a 1960 MCH MPH graduate. The scholarship will support a North Carolina student interested in public health practice.


Mrs. Brock announces the Melinda Kellner Brock scholarship.

The Melinda Kellner Brock Public Health Nursing Scholarship was established this year by Eunice M. Brock to honor the memory of her daughter, Melinda, a devoted public health nurse. The scholarship will aide in the recruitment of a nurse interested in a public health degree in maternal and child health.

Xiaoqian Li announces practicum with CGBI. Kate Peterman, l, went to India and Alice Pollard, r, worked at Duke.

Xiaoqian Li announces practicum with CGBI. Kate Peterman, l, India and Alice Pollard, r, at Duke.

New members of the MCH family – our students, who are our future - introduced themselves and announced plans for summer internships, which range from local to international destinations. Tentative plans included 29 North Carolina placements, three domestic sites and 13 international practicum locations.

Faculty, Marcia Roth, Miriam Labbok and Lew Margolis, talk with students, Nigar Hasanaliyeva and Gracey Vaughn.

Faculty, Marcia Roth, Miriam Labbok and Lew Margolis, talk with students, Nigar Hasanaliyeva and Gracey Vaughn.

A roundtable networking session provided an opportunity for students to connect with alumni and faculty in the areas of local, national, international government workers, research and higher education, non-profit and community-based organizations and the Department of Maternal and Child Health.

Program highlights included the following MCH awards:

  • Sidney S. Chipman Alumni Award: Chisara Asomugha, MD, MSPH (MCH’02)
  • John and Sallie Shuping Russell Scholarship in Global Health: Sarah Bradford
  • Earl and Gladys Siegel Student Support Fund: Keri Barnett-Howell
  • Katherine Ann Wildman Memorial Scholarship: Micaela Arthur
  • Edem Effiong Memorial Scholarship: Liz Regan
  • Global Health Internship Fund: Sukie Zietz
  • Cynthia H. Cassell Doctoral Dissertation Award in MCH: Erica Haney
  • The Jimmie Lee Rhyne Scholarship: Amy Korbe
  • The Sarah Taylor Morrow Scholarship in MCH: Anna Dean
  • The Melinda Kellner Brock Scholarship in MCH: Emily Barrows


Delta Omega awardees Oza, McClellan, Nguyen and Ghazarian.

Delta Omega awardees Oza, McClellan, Nguyen and Ghazarian.

Delta Omega Awardees are: student inductees: Nina Forestieri, Talene Ghazarian, Sarah Beth McLellan, Khanh Nguyen, Karishma Oza, Lauren Snyder; faculty inductee: Kavita Singh Ongechi, PhD; alumni inductee: Donna McCarraher, PhD; service award: Katie Donohue, Gracey Uffman Vaughn; and academic excellence award: Melissa Sanchez

UNC MCH Leadership Fellows are: Jessye Brick, Katelin Hairgrove Moran, Nellie Placencia, Alice Pollard, Megan Squires, Gracey Uffman Vaughn, Alisha Wolf, Weeda Zabih, Sara

MCHB Leadership Traineeship recipients are: Keri Barnett-Howell, Nicole Boyer, Ellen Chetwynd, Shoshana Goldberg, Rachel Ross, Regina Rutledge, Leigh Tally

MCHB Epidemiology Health Disparities Traineeship: Christine Tucker

Graduate School Awards:

  • Annual Fund Scholars: Rachel Davis, Florence Masese-Amadi, Nellie Placencia, Kathleen Tedford
  • Curtis Gleen Southard Award in Community Mental Health: Alison Doernberg
  • Gillings Merit Scholar: Shane Khan
  • Ibrahim Fellowship: Andra Wilkinson
  • Impact Award: Alison Doernberg
  • Jean T. Lassiter Scholarship: Melissa Sanchez


Leadership Recognition:

  • SPH Student Government President: Katlyn Donohue
  • SPH Student Government MCH Reps: Karishma Oza, Andra Wilkinson
  • SPH Student Government Publicity Chair: Sarah Bradford


North Carolina, Regional, National, International Awards:

  • Family Health International Training Award: Angela Parcesepe
  • Carolina Population Center Traineeship 2012-2013: Shoshana Goldberg, Bianka Reese, Kelly Strutz, Christine Tucker, Andra Wilkinson
  • UNC-IntraHealth Summer Fellows: Florence Masese-Amandi, Jennet Arcara, Alexandra Collins, Taylor Snyder, Arianna Taboada
  • Canadian Bureau for International Education: Zeinab Saleh
  • Delta Kappa Gamma World Fellowships Program: Weeda Zabih
  • SAHM Career Development Award in Adolescent Health: Bianka Reese
  • Whitehead Foundation Public Health Scholarship: Sarah Bradford
  • Foreign Language Area Studies: Liz Regan, Leigh Tally
  • Rotary International Peace Center Award: Adrien Lokangaka Longombe
  • Tellus Award: Janvier Rwamwejo


Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to meet, greet, establish and renew the acquaintances and friendships so important in our diverse MCH family. The Department Awards program recognized many of our truly talented and mission-minded student family as well as outstanding accomplishments demonstrated by alumni, faculty and staff.