Web browsing help

Web browsing help

Text size and webpage scaling

Browser text size (as well as image size) may be increased or decreased in most new web browsers using the Zoom function. To see if the Zoom function works on your web browser, press and hold down the Ctrl key while doing one of the following:

  • Press the + key to increase the scale of the webpage
  • Press the – key to decrease the scale
  • Press the 0 key to scale the webpage to the default (100%)

Older web browsers such as IE6 and earlier do not scale webpages. Websites can be programmed to allow the font sizes of the pages to increase or decrease. Although since the images and other elements of the webpages can not be scaled in sync with the text, doing this makes it harder to navigate and view the site as it was intended to be viewed.

Web browser suggestions

We suggest updating to the latest version of web browser for a better user experience, but mostly for security purposes to help prevent your computer from getting attacked.

A few popular browsers available for free are:





Internet Explorer

Last updated October 10, 2008