Video Conference Request

Video Conferencing Reservation Form

Please note that whether you reserve webconferencing or videoconferencing services, you will be required to submit a request form at least 3 days prior to your event. Reserving a date later than the three day minimum, may prohibit service.
  • Requestor Information

  • Event Details

  • Please enter requested date(s)/time(s) here. Note - If you require multiple dates/times for an event/booking, please list these in the comments section at the end of this form. A separate Request Form must be submitted for each Room/Facility.
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  • NOTE: Requests for Room 2308 must be first reserved through the Office of Student Affairs.
  • Remote Location Information (Videoconferencing use).

  • NOTE: If you do not currently have the technical information for your remote site, we will provide a form for you to forward to the site to complete. This information is vital to conduct tests weeks prior to your event to ensure there is a successful connection.