Remote Conferencing

We currently provide real-time two-way interactive audio/video communication throughout the school that we categorize as “Web Conferencing” and “Videoconferencing.” There is notable confusion associated when using both terms. They are often used interchangeably. However, the terms have different meanings and purposes.

Please note that whether you reserve Web conferencing or videoconferencing services, you will be required to submit a request form at least three days prior to your event. Reserving a date later than the three day minimum, may prohibit service.

Web Conferencing

See our webconferencing guide to determine which webconferencing solution best fits your specific needs.

It is common in a Web conferencing session for each participant to use a computer/laptop to connect to a session over the Internet. The equipment used is typically a webcam and audio plug-ins such as headset; Skype Phone; USB microphone to participate. We manage Web conferencing for the school using BlueJeans technology.

This user-friendly application allows participants to share desktop images, chat, as well as connect standard telephone conference calls, and codec based video conference units. You are welcome to use your own laptop equipment or you can reserve equipment from AV Services to use for your sessions. We do not offer a record option for these accounts.

To reserve a BlueJeans meeting, please complete the reservation form at the link below. Once we’ve received the completed reservation, we will provide you with the connection information to share with your participants. Several rooms at the School are camera enabled.

BlueJeans Reservation Form

Click here for a tutorial on how to use BlueJeans


Videoconferencing usually requires specialized rooms and equipment such as a codec to connect each end-point. Typically, we will need the technical information (IP Address; equipment make and model; connection speed; etc.) from each participating location. There’s usually a test scheduled before the date of your event to test the connection between our equipment and the remote institution. We manage several video conferencing facilities within the school that use Polycom-based equipment:

The W. Fred Mayes Telecommunication Center calendar is not publicly viewable. To schedule a videoconference, please call the video conference scheduler at (919) 843–3661 for available open dates. Once you’ve received the dates, please complete the reservation form that can be found by clicking the link below. You will need to also provide us with the technical information from the connecting site(s) so we can schedule a test session to ensure connectivity.

Videoconference Reservation Form

For more information about Web conferencing and videoconferencing technologies, contact Instructional Media Services