Remote Conferencing Request Form

We currently provide real-time interactive audio/video communication throughout the school that we categorize as “Remote Conferencing.”

Please note that when you request remote conferencing services, you will be required to submit a request form at least three days prior to your event. Failure to submit a request form in advance may prohibit service.

Currently, we do not support the recording of remote conferences, However, IIS and the campus ITS Teaching & Learning (ITS-TL) group offer other applications that provide the ability to record. Please consult our Web Conferencing Guide to determine which web conferencing and lecture capture solutions best fit your specific needs.

Note: At this time we are only scheduling remote conferences that occur prior to Jan. 11, 2017. Remote conferences occurring after this date will be scheduled at the end of the fall semester. If you need additional information, please call (919) 843-3121.

To schedule a remote conference, please complete the request form that can be found by clicking the link below:

Remote Conferencing Request Form

You can choose one of three ways to connect to your remote conference:

  1. Connect using the link and meeting ID provided in your confirmation email.
    If you are planning to connect to the meeting using a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device,
    this is the option that you will use. Participants will be prompted to download an app the first time they connect.
  2. Connect by phone using the phone number and meeting ID provided in your confirmation email.
  3. Connect using a Videoconferencing Room System. Using a Videoconferencing Room System offers advantages over connecting with a PC or laptop. We use Polycom systems that utilize professional cameras and microphones to provide a higher quality experience. Any content source in the room (PC, laptop, DVD player, document camera, etc.) can be shared with the remote audience when using these systems. The following rooms are equipped with Videoconferencing Room Systems:

To reserve one of the rooms above, please submit a room reservation request to the Office of Student Affairs at