MHRC 0015

MHRC 0015

Seating Capacity:

LCD Projector:

Eiki LC-X60

Room Computer:

Bring laptop or reserve through AV Services
Slide Projector: Reserve through AV Services

Overhead Projector:

Reserve through AV Services

Audio System: LCD Projector Speakers;
Volume controlled by wall unit
Projection Screen: Electronic controlled screen


Laptop & video sources controlled via wall-mounted control panel

Internet Access Ethernet connection


Electronic controlled window shades
In Room Conference Phone
(Analog Phone Line)

Square Feet: 412 feet

To reserve classroom facilities, please complete the
Student Affairs’ Room Reservation Form or call 966 – 2499.

To reserve additional media equipment, please complete the
Audio / Visual Services Equipment Request Form or call 966 – 6536.

Last updated November 03, 2011