CCQTP Program Faculty

More than thirty faculty members from 11 departments in the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Library and Information Sciences serve as teachers and mentors.

As a group, the program faculty offers multidisciplinary training expertise in oncology, health services, aging, disparities, medicine, epidemiology, nutrition, radiology, information science, and behavioral science.

Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to: cancer screening, clinical decision making, patient decision making, cancer treatment, quality measurement and assessment, dissemination of innovations, survivorship, and palliative and end-of-life care, and cancer health disparities.

Program faculty members participate in the program’s education and training activities and provide trainees with mentored research experiences.

Program Faculty List


Department (Division)

Expertise Relevant to Proposed Program’s Objectives

Ethan Basch, MD

Medicine (Hematology / Oncology)

Patient-reported outcomes, comparative effectiveness research, drug safety evaluation, cancer health outcomes

Noel Brewer, Ph.D.

Health Behavior

HPV vaccination, risk perceptions, decision making

Ronald Chen, MD

Radiation Oncology

Prostate cancer treatment and outcomes, cancer survivorship, comparative effectiveness research

Stacie Dusetzina, Ph.D.

Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy

Breast cancer treatment, costs, insurance claims analysis, low income populations, comparative effectiveness research

Paul Godley, MD

Medicine (Hematology / Oncology)

Prostate cancer, screening, patterns of care, cancer health disparities

Russ Harris, MD

Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Cancer screening, cancer prevention interventions, shared decision making, clinical guidelines

Deborah Mayer, MSN, Ph.D.

Nursing (Nursing Systems/Policy/Informatics)

Cancer survivorship, e-health interventions, patient-reported outcomes, cancer health information

Javed Mostafa, Ph.D.

School of Library and Information Science

Health Informatics

Hyman Muss, MD

Medicine (Hematology / Oncology)

Breast cancer treatment, geriatric oncology, clinical and translational trials

Matthew Nielsen, MD

Surgery / Urology

Renal cancer, cancer comparative effectiveness research

Andrew Olshan, Ph.D.


Head and neck cancers, treatment patterns, tobacco and other risk factors, childhood cancers

Michael Pignone, MD

Medicine (General Internal Medicine)

Decision-making, physician-patient communication, cancer screening, patient navigation, clinical epidemiology

Robert Sandler, MD

Medicine (Gastroenterology and Hepatology)

GI cancer, epidemiology, health outcomes, cancer prevention, early detection

Karyn Stitzenberg, MD

Surgical Oncology

Comparative effectiveness research, multidisciplinary cancer care, oncology workforce, spatial analysis, network analysis

Til Stürmer, Ph.D.


Cancer comparative effectiveness research, pharmaco-epidemiology, propensity score analysis, colon cancer

Justin Trogdon

Health Policy and Management

Economic burden of cancer, cost and cost effectiveness analysis, policy and intervention analysis

Stephanie Wheeler, Ph.D.

Health Policy and Management

Cancer treatment patterns, cancer health disparities, decision analysis/modeling, breast cancer

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