Health Policy and Management Research

The research program in the Department of Health Policy and Management takes a multidisciplinary approach to studying important and complex issues in health policy and service delivery. By applying innovative quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches, researchers aim to improve the availability, quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of health care services and reduce health disparities at the local, national, and international levels. In addition to publishing numerous articles, books, and book chapters, faculty testify before Congress, serve on commissions, and provide consultation to various health care organizations and government agencies.

World Health and Population

This on-line, peer review, interdisciplinary journal, sponsored by the department, is devoted to policy and management issues in health and population fields in developing countries. It primarily publishes articles based on empirical research. Its overall character is marked by serious, responsible and readable scholarship of interest to academicians, policy makers, program managers and donors. To visit this journal go to

Triangle Health Economics

The Triangle Health Economics site provides a convenient listing of online sources to Triangle health economics researchers, centers, and institutes, and includes the schedule for the Triangle Health Economics Workshop, which is held approximately bi-weekly during the academic year to bring together health economists from across the Triangle to discuss current research by invited speakers.

The Cancer Care Quality Training Program

Mounting evidence indicates that the quality of cancer care is not what it could be. Improving cancer care quality will require clinician and non-clinician scientists to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary research teams that span the fields of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, information science, public health, and social work. The Cancer Care Quality Training Program (CCQTP) recruits 2 pre-doctoral and 2 post-doctoral candidates per year, offers them a specialized curriculum that fosters a multidisciplinary understanding of cancer care quality, provides them mentored research experience in multidisciplinary teams, and prepares them for careers in cancer care quality research. The CCQTP draws on the mentoring, teaching, and research expertise of more than 30 faculty members from 11 departments and divisions within the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Library and Information Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Comparative Effectiveness Research K12 Program

Comparative effectiveness research (CER) is critical in the U.S. today because it is viewed as central to health care reform. Meeting the current and future demands of CER requires well-trained investigators who possess the methodological skills and substantive knowledge to conduct innovative studies that inform diverse stakeholders (e.g., federal and state government agencies, payers, employers, and citizens) who use CER to make decisions.

Our CER K12 Program, funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, seeks to provide protected time, train, and mentor promising, broadly-diverse junior faculty with the potential to conduct innovative CER. To that end, we will facilitate the mentored career development of a cohort of CER Scholars by providing them with training in methodologies and cross-cutting skills that are central to CER.

Through mentored, interdisciplinary training, CER Scholars will participate in a curriculum that uses didactic and experiential learning to provide CER Scholars with the training, experience, and mentoring required to become independent investigators who conduct CER that improves the health of our citizens. We currently have four Scholars funded by the CER K12 Program:

The Department of Health Policy and Management has a very active and well-funded research program addressed to a wide range of contemporary healthcare issues. The research interests of the HPM faculty are listed alphabetically by name below. Click the link to the faculty member’s name for contact information.

For a table listing interests alphabetically by subject, please see the Faculty Expertise by Subject document (Adobe Acrobat format).

Thomas Bacon, DrPH
  • Health Workforce Policy
  • Training, recruitment and retention of health professionals to serve underserved populations

Edward Baker, MD, MPH, MSc
  • Public Health Policy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Workforce Development
  • Information Systems

Antonia Bennett, PhD
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes

Sarah Birken, PhD
  • Health care organization and delivery
  • Dissemination and implementation of innovations
  • Quality improvement
  • Organizational behavior

Timothy Jay Carney, PhD
  • Applied Public Health Informatics
  • Surveillance and Situational Awareness
  • Organizational Informatics
  • Health Information Technology Adoption and Use
  • Computational Modeling and Simulation
  • Social and Organizational Network Analysis
  • Cancer Care
  • Health Disparities
  • Community Health Improvement

Peggye Dilworth Anderson, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile


  • Long-term Care
  • Health Disparities
  • Minority Aging
  • Family Caregiving and Aging
  • Dementia and Caregiving

Marisa Domino, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile


  • Health Economics
  • Medicaid Policy
  • Mental Health Economics and Policy

Stacie B. Dusetzina, PhD
  • Pharmacoepidemiology / Drug Utilization Research
  • Pharmaceutical and FDA Policies
  • Treatment of Multiple Chronic Conditions
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Mental Illness Treatment

Bruce Fried, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile


  • Health Services Management Education
  • Mental Health and Mental Health Services
  • Global Health Systems and International Health
  • Human Resources Management in Healthcare

Bill Gentry, MPA

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Health administration
  • Health policy
  • Public health leadership

Sandra B. Greene, DrPH

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Healthcare Utilization and Cost Trends
  • Physician Profiling
  • Healthcare Planning and Certificate of Need
  • Health Insurance and Managed Care
  • Healthcare Policy Issues in North Carolina

Dean M. Harris, JD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Global Health Systems and International Health
  • Comparative Health Systems
  • China’s Health System
  • Healthcare Law

Suzanne Havala Hobbs, DrPH

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Food and Nutrition Policy (Domestic and International)
  • Nutrition in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Diet and Health Communication in the Public Interest
  • Alternative and Complementary Health and Nutrition Services
  • Culture and Language in Health Services Delivery
  • Dietary Guidance Policy

George Mark Holmes, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Rural healthcare
  • Patient-centered outcomes research
  • Policy implementation and policy development
  • Workforce

Sheila Leatherman, MSW

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • International Health Policy
  • Health Systems Performance
  • Micro-financing

Jessica Lee, DDS, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Evidence-based Practice of Dentistry
  • Dental Public Health

Kristen Hassmiller Lich, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Tobacco Policy
  • Econometrics in Healthcare
  • Operations Research Application in Complex Systems
  • Infectious Disease Modeling
  • Tuberculosis Control

Joseph Morrissey, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Depression in Primary Care
  • Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Justice Services/Policy
  • Interorganizational Systems
  • Families and Autism

Jonathan B. Oberlander, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Medicaid
  • Health Politics and Policy
  • Aging and Public Policy
  • Medicare
  • American Politics and Public Policy

John E. Paul, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Organization and Delivery of Healthcare in Developing Countries
  • Healthcare Outcomes Research
  • Pharmaceutical Development and Pharmacoeconomics
  • Organizational Behavior in Healthcare

George Pink, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Health Care Finance
  • Hospital Financial Performance

James Porto, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Public Policy Development and Assessment
  • Measuring Efficiency and Effectiveness in Public Organizations
  • Comparative Evaluation Methodology (Data Envelopment)
  • Socio-Economic Evaluations (CBA, CEA)
  • Expert Decision-Making
  • Disaster Management
  • Political Leadership
  • Substance Abuse Treatment

Bryce Reeve, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes
  • Health-Related Quality of Life Research
  • Cancer Outcomes Research
  • Psychometrics
  • Questionnaire Design

Kristin L. Reiter, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Hospital Pay for Performance
  • Healthcare Financial Management
  • Healthcare Accounting

Thomas Ricketts III, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Policy Implementation and Policy Development
  • Regionalization of Services
  • Global and Comparative National Health Policies
  • Primary Care

R. Gary Rozier, DDS

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Access to Care for Children
  • Effectiveness of Preventive Services

 Cleo Samuel, PhD
  • Cancer care
  • Diffusion of innovations
  • Disparities
  • GIS methods
  • Health information technology (IT)
  • Program implementation and evaluation
  • Quality measurement and improvement
  • Social determinants of health
  • Veterans and military health

Christopher M. Shea, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Business Communication
  • Organizational Studies

Pam Silberman, JD, DrPH
  • Medicaid
  • The Uninsured
  • State Child Health Insurance Program
  • State Health Policy
  • Rural Health

 Paula Song, PhD
  • Health care financial management
  • Not-for-profit hospital investment decisions and strategies
  • Business case evaluation
  • Community benefit
  • Financial aspects of health policy initiatives aimed at improving access and utilization of health care services for vulnerable populations

Sally Stearns, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Cost-effectiveness Analysis
  • Health Service Reimbursement Systems
  • Use of Health Services at the End of Life
  • Applied Statistical Methods

Melanie Studer, MHA

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Diffusion of Innovation
  • Computerized Medical Records Systems
  • Physician Incentive Plans
  • Hospital Medication Systems
  • Attitude to Computers
  • Delivery of Health Care
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Benchmarking

Harsha Thirumurthy, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Development Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Applied Microeconomics

Margaret (Marci) S. Thomas, MHA
  • Non profit governance
  • Internal control in not-for-profit organizations
  • Fraud
  • Grant compliance
  • Strategy and operations

Justin Trogdon, PhD
  • Health economics
  • Cancer outcomes research
  • Econometrics
  • Cost of illness
  • Cost effectiveness analysis

Karl Umble, PhD
  • Evidence-based public health
  • Public health leadership
  • Public health practice

Morris Weinberger, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Pharmaceutical Care
  • Quality of Care
  • Health Services Research
  • Patient-centered Outcomes Research

Bryan Weiner, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Adoption and Implementation of Innovations
  • Interorganizational Relationships

Stephanie B. Wheeler, PhD

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  • Use of mathematical modeling and systems thinking to address complex health services questions
  • Cost-effectiveness in evidence-based medicine
  • Comparative effectiveness research
  • Cancer
  • Sexual/reproductive health
  • Women’s health
  • Elimination of health disparities, both internationally and domestically
  • Social epidemiology
  • Health outcomes measurement
  • Medical decision making

B. Alex White, DDS, DrPH

REACH NC (Collexis)
Research Profile
  • Dental Public Health
  • Access to Dental Care for Children

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Content for this page provided by the Department of Health Policy and Management. Please contact the webmaster with any questions or comments.