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Our community of faculty, students and staff is growing as we work to build a cooperative network of partner programs dedicated to accelerating the pace and reach of urgently needed doctoral-level leadership training for senior health professionals around the world. Member schools will share curricula, distance learning technology and school resources. They will function as a well-coordinated network in which faculty may teach across universities and students may take courses or portions of courses from schools other than the schools in which they are enrolled. By addressing the critical need for global leadership development within the senior public health workforce, we hope to contribute substantially to efforts to improve the health of people worldwide.

NETDOC AimsThe International Network for Doctoral Training in Health Leadership will increase capacity globally to produce first-rate future health leaders. It will maximize the quality of doctoral programs in the network. A very significant advantage for students is that the synchronous distance technology enables world class experts to teach courses regardless of where those experts are located. The network will enable schools to expand their access to faculty expertise throughout the world. Diversity promotes excellence.

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