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Building Global Health Leadership Capacity:
International Network for Doctoral Training in Health Leadership (NETDOC)

Welcome to the main page for the International Network for Doctoral Training in Health Leadership!

Our community of faculty, students and staff is growing as we work to build a cooperative network of partner programs dedicated to accelerating the pace and reach of urgently needed doctoral-level leadership training for senior health professionals around the world. Member schools share curricula, distance learning technology and school resources. They function as a well-coordinated network in which faculty teach across universities and students may take courses or portions of courses from schools other than the schools in which they are enrolled. By addressing the critical need for global leadership development within the senior public health workforce, we hope to contribute substantially to efforts to improve the health of people worldwide.

More background information about the rationale for the International Network for Doctoral Training in Health Leadership is available here.

In May 2009, inaugural members of the NETDOC crafted the following statement of intent for the network:

Statement of Purpose

The world’s complex, interdependent and ever-changing health environment creates a need for increased health leadership excellence and capacity. We are an international, collaborative network of educational institutions that offer or intend to offer professional distance doctoral programs in health leadership. We are committed to sharing objectives, substance and expertise to maximize access to and quality of doctoral health leadership education worldwide.

We will achieve this by:

  • Applying the most appropriate technology-enhanced learning (TEL);
  • Using flexible learning approaches;
  • Advocating for:
    • The value of doctoral health leadership education programs;
    • Expanding access to doctoral health leadership education;
  • Continuous quality improvement of the network’s goals, processes and outcomes;
  • Sharing evaluation outcomes and methods;
  • Understanding and meeting students’ needs;
  • Collaboration at multiple levels;
    • Faculty;
    • Administration;
    • Students;
  • Contribute to developing curricula that anticipate and address vital issues;
  • Sharing best practices in health leadership education.

We will fulfill these commitments by means of a Steering Committee, supported by four sub-committees:

  • Membership sub-committee;
  • Curriculum sub-committee;
  • Technology and flexible learning committee;
  • Student Experience sub-committee.

More information about partner institutions and NETDOC activities are linked throughout this site. For additional information, please contact Pam Silberman, DrPH, at

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