Health Policy and Management faculty and staff

In an article published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association, a group of UNC researchers is calling for an overhaul of the process that determines which cancer drugs used off-label – or beyond their approved use — are reimbursed by federally-funded health insurance in the United States. HPM professor Ethan Basch, MD, is a co-author. Basch also is director of UNC Lineberger’s Cancer Outcomes Research Program. Read more here.

The faculty in the Department of Health Policy and Management represent some of the top experts and authorities in the field (see a list of faculty interests and expertise). Known not only for a robust research program and first-rate teaching abilities, the faculty also represents a diversity of educational backgrounds and experience.

The staff of the Department of Health Policy and Management provide support for faculty and students in a number of critical areas, including student services, professional development and information technology.

Ethan Basch Professor
Antonia Bennett Research Associate Professor
Sarah Birken Research Assistant Professor
Alyssa Mansfield Damon Clinical Assistant Professor
Leah McCall Devlin Professor of the Practice
Peggye Dilworth-Anderson Professor
Marisa Domino Professor
Stacie Dusetzina Assistant Professor
Leah Frerichs Assistant Professor
Bruce Fried Associate Professor
Bill Gentry Lecturer
Sandra B Greene Professor of the Practice
Dean Harris Associate Professor
Kristen Hassmiller Lich Research Assistant Professor
Mark Holmes Associate Professor
Sheila Leatherman Research Professor
Jessica Y. Lee Professor
Shoou-Yih Daniel Lee Professor
Jonathan Oberlander Professor
John E. Paul Clinical Professor
George H. Pink Humana Distinguished Professor
Byron J. Powell Assistant Professor
Bryce Reeve Professor
Kristin Reiter Associate Professor
Cleo Samuel Assistant Professor
Christopher Shea Assistant Professor
Pam Silberman Professor of the Practice
Jeffrey Simms Clinical Assistant Professor
Rebecca Slifkin Clinical Associate Professor
Steven Sloate Clinical Assistant Professor
Paula Song Associate Professor
Sally Clark Stearns Professor
Harsha Thirumurthy Associate Professor
Margaret Thomas Clinical Assistant Professor
Justin Trogdon Associate Professor
Karl Umble Clinical Assistant Professor
Morris Weinberger Chair and Distinguished Professor
Stephanie B. Wheeler Associate Professor
Benjamin Alex White Associate Professor

Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty

Oscar Aylor Adjunct Assistant Professor
Edward L. Baker, Jr. Adjunct Professor
Nicole Bates Adjunct Assistant Professor
Diane Bloom Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fred T. Brown, Jr. Adjunct Professor
Paul Brown Adjunct Professor
Bill Carpenter Adjunct Associate Professor
Melanie Dawn Carter Adjunct Instructor
Rachel Caspar Adjunct Assistant Professor
Dorothy Cilenti Clinical Assistant Professor
Robert Crawford Adjunct Instructor
Travis Day Adjunct Associate Professor
Donna Dinkin Adjunct Instructor
Spencer Dorn Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lynn G. Dressler Adjunct Assistant Professor
Randall Egsegian Adjunct Instructor
Franklin Farmer Adjunct Instructor
Erin P. Fraher Adjunct Assistant Professor
Laura Gerald Adjunct Assistant Professor
Robert Greczyn Gillings Visiting Professor
Eric Griffin Adjunct Instructor
Susan Helm-Murtagh Adjunct Assistant Professor
Susan Hogue Adjunct Assistant Professor
Don Holzworth Gillings Executive in Residence
Rick Homan Adjunct Associate Professor
Lisa Koonin Adjunct Assistant Professor
Joan Krause Adjunct Professor
Jay Levy Adjunct Lecturer
Patricia MacTaggart Adjunct Associate Professor
Lauren McCormack Adjunct Associate Professor
Larry Mandelkehr Adjunct Instructor
Michael Markowitz Adjunct Associate Professor
Drake Maynard Adjunct Instructor
Lukasz Mazur Adjunct Assistant Professor
Aimee M. McHale Adjunct Instructor
Aaron McKethan Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lori McLeod Adjunct Associate Professor
Felicia Mebane Adjunct Assistant Professor
Benjamin Meier Adjunct Assistant Professor
Joseph Morrissey Research Professor
Matthew E. Nielsen Adjunct Assistant Professor
Stephen Orton Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mike Patterson Adjunct Instructor
Robert “Chip” Patterson, Jr. Adjunct Instructor
Krista Perreira Adjunct Professor
Gene Pinder Adjunct Instructor
Janet Porter Adjunct Professor
David Potenziani Adjunct Assistant Professor
Patti Pozella Adjunct Instructor
Andrea Radford Adjunct Assistant Professor
Thomas C. Ricketts Adjunct Professor
Richard Gary Rozier Research Professor
Marjorie Satinsky Adjunct Instructor
Richard Scoville Adjunct Associate Professor
Adam Searing Adjunct Assistant Professor
Fred Sexton Adjunct Instructor
Betsy Sleath Adjunct Professor
Kevin Sowers Adjunct Professor SOWER001@MC.DUKE.EDU
Tom Stanley Adjunct Assistant Professor
Robert Stevens Adjunct Instructor
Scott R. Stewart Adjunct Assistant Professor
Michael Stobbe Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jeffery Strickler Adjunct Instructor
Kathleen Thomas Adjunct Associate Professor
Judith Tintinalli Adjunct Professor
Debbie Travers Adjunct Assistant Professor
Hugh R. Waters Adjunct Associate Professor
J. Bennet Waters Clinical Assistant Professor
Wendee Wechsberg Adjunct Professor
Jane Weintraub Adjunct Professor
Rebecca Wells Adjunct Professor
S. Dewayne West Lecturer
Gary West Adjunct Assistant Professor
John Wiesman Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cameron Wolfe Adjunct Instructor
Leah L. Zullig Adjunct Assistant Professor


Emeritus and Retired Faculty

Deborah E. Bender Emeritus & Adjunct Professor xxxxxxx
Edward F. Brooks Emeritus Professor
Laurel A Files Emeritus Professor
Sagar Jain Emeritus Professor
Arnold D. Kaluzny Emeritus Professor
Kerry Kilpatrick Emeritus Professor
Peggy Leatt Emeritus Professor
James Porto, Jr. Retired Clinical Asst. Professor
James Veney Emeritus Professor
William N. Zelman Emeritus Professor

Research Staff

Jennifer Scott Communication & Dissemination Specialist
Paul Barrett Systems Programmer/Specialist
Nancy Beach Technical Support Analyst
Karen Capps Human Resources Manager
Terri Gault Administrative Director
Tracey Gollwitzer Assistant to the Chair
Valerie Hooker Administrative Assistant
Lynnette Jones Student Services Manager/Registrar
Stacie Jones Accounting Technician
Tina Lathia Accounting Technician
Teresa Lewis Project Manager
Cathy M Padgett Career Services Coordinator
Kim Sieler Assistant Registrar
Jacqueline M. Siler Assistant Registrar