Our faculty and staff


hpm faculty

The faculty in the Department of Health Policy and Management represent some of the top experts and authorities in the field (see a contact list organized by subject). Known not only for a robust research program and first-rate teaching abilities, the faculty also represents a diversity of educational backgrounds and experience.

The staff of the Department of Health Policy and Management provide support for faculty and students in a number of critical areas, including student services, professional development and information technology.

Tom Bacon Clinical Professor tom_bacon@med.unc.edu
Edward Baker, Jr Research Professor elbaker@email.unc.edu
Antonia Bennett Research Assistant Professor avbenn@email.unc.edu
Andrea Biddle Associate Professor andrea.biddle@unc.edu
Timothy Jay Carney Assistant Professor tcarney@unc.edu
Bill Carpenter Associate Professor wrc4@email.unc.edu
Peggye Dilworth-Anderson Professor Peggye_Dilworth-Anderson@unc.edu
Marisa Domino Professor domino@unc.edu
Stacie Dusetzina Research Assistant Professor Dusetzina@unc.edu
Bruce Fried Associate Professor bruce_fried@unc.edu
Bill Gentry Lecturer wgentry@email.unc.edu
Sandra B Greene Interim Chair SandraB_Greene@unc.edu
Norris Gunby, Jr Clinical Assistant Professor norris_gunby@unc.edu
Dean Harris Clinical Associate Professor Dean_Harris@unc.edu
Kristen Hassmiller Lich Research Assistant Professor klich@unc.edu
Suzanne Hobbs Clinical Associate Professor suzanne_hobbs@unc.edu
Mark Holmes Associate Professor mark_holmes@unc.edu
Sheila Leatherman Research Professor sleathe@email.unc.edu
Jessica Y. Lee Associate Professor leej@dentistry.unc.edu
Joseph Morrissey Professor joe_morrissey@unc.edu
Jonathan Oberlander Professor oberland@med.unc.edu
John E Paul Clinical Professor
George H Pink Humana Distinguished Professor gpink@email.unc.edu
James Porto, Jr Clinical Assistant Professor jim_porto@unc.edu
Bryce Reeve Associate Professor bbreeve@email.unc.edu
Kristin Reiter Associate Professor reiter@email.unc.edu
Thomas Ricketts Professor tom_ricketts@unc.edu
Richard Gary Rozier Professor gary_rozier@unc.edu
Christopher Shea Assistant Professor cshea@email.unc.edu
Pam Silberman Clinical Professor pam_silberman@unc.edu
Jeffrey Simms Clinical Assistant Professor jsimms@email.unc.edu
Paula Song Associate Professor psong@unc.edu
Sally Clark Stearns Professor sally_stearns@unc.edu
Melanie Studer Clinical Instructor mstuder@email.unc.edu
Harsha Thirumurthy Assistant Professor harsha@unc.edu
Margaret Thomas Clinical Assistant Professor mthomn16@email.unc.edu
Justin Trogdon Visiting Associate Professor trogdonj@email.unc.edu
Karl Umble Distance Learning Specialist umble@email.unc.edu
John Waters Clinical Assistant Professor jbwaters@unc.edu
Morris Weinberger Distinguished Professor mweinber@email.unc.edu
Bryan Weiner Professor weiner@email.unc.edu
Stephanie B Wheeler Assistant Professor stephanie_wheeler@unc.edu
William N. Zelman Professor wzelman@unc.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Paul Brown Adjunct Professor pm_brown@unc.edu
Dorothy Cilenti Clinical Assistant Professor cilenti@email.unc.edu
James (Mike) Collins Adjunct Instructor cojam@email.unc.edu
Nelson Couch Adjunct Instructor ncouch@email.unc.edu
Leah McCall Devlin Professor of the Practice leah_devlin@unc.edu
Randall Egsegian Adjunct Instructor egsegian@email.unc.edu
Franklin Farmer Adjunct Instructor franklin_farmer@med.unc.edu
Mr Robert Greczyn Gillings Visiting Professor greczyn@email.unc.edu
Eric Griffin Adjunct Instructor griffine@email.unc.edu
Kay Grinnell Adjunct Instructor kgrinnel@email.unc.edu
Don Holzworth Gillings Executive in Residence dholzwor@email.unc.edu
Rick Homan Adjunct Assistant Professor rhoman@email.unc.edu
Bob Konrad Research Professor bob_konrad@unc.edu
Michel Landry Adjunct Assistant Professor landrym@email.unc.edu
Jay Levy Adjunct Lecturer jslevy@email.unc.edu
Patricia Mactaggart Adjunct Associate Professor pmactagg@email.unc.edu
Larry Mandelkehr Adjunct Instructor lkm@unc.edu
Donald Markle Adjunct Instructor dmarkle@email.unc.edu
Felicia Mebane Adjunct Assistant Professor fmebane@unc.edu
Gary Nestler Adjunct Assistant Professor nestlerg@email.unc.edu
Stephen Orton Adjunct Assistant Professor sorton@email.unc.edu
Mike Patterson Adjunct Instructor mikep@unc.edu
Robert Patterson, Jr Adjunct Instructor rmpatter@email.unc.edu
Patti Pozella Adjunct Instructor pozella@email.unc.edu
Danielle Rentz Adjunct Instructor rentz@email.unc.edu
Asheley Cockrell Skinner Adjunct Assistant Professor asheley@unc.edu
Steven Sloate Adjunct Associate Professor Sloate@email.unc.edu
Scott R Stewart Adjunct Assistant Professor Scott_Stewart@unc.edu
Rebecca Wells Adjunct Professor rswells@email.unc.edu
Dewayne West Lecturer sdwest@email.unc.edu
Christopher Woods Adjunct Assistant Professor cwwoods@email.unc.edu

 See a list of additional adjunct faculty who support our teaching program

Emeritus Faculty

Deborah E. Bender Emeritus Professor dbender@email.unc.edu
Laurel A Files Emeritus Professor Laurel_Files@unc.edu
Sagar Jain Emeritus Professor jain1@email.unc.edu
Arnold Daniel Kaluzny Emeritus Professor kaluzny@live.unc.edu
Kerry Kilpatrick Emeritus Professor Kerry_Kilpatrick@unc.edu
Peggy Leatt Emeritus Professor leatt@email.unc.edu
James Veney Emeritus Professor veney@unc.edu

Research Staff

Susan B. Andrews Project Field Manager susan_andrews@unc.edu
John Cantrell Statistical Programmer john_cantrell@unc.edu
Catherine Rohweder Research Associate rohweder@email.unc.edu
Jennifer Scott Administrative Support Assistant Jennifer_Scott@unc.edu
Leslie Zeldin Research Associate leslie_zeldin@unc.edu


Dawn Andres Accounting Technician dsandres@email.unc.edu
Paul Barrett Systems Programmer/Specialist paul_barrett@unc.edu
Nancy Beach Technical Support Analyst
Dawn Bergmire Research Associate/Project Manager bergmire@unc.edu
Karen Capps HR Consultant Karen_Capps@unc.edu
David Collins Department Manager collinsd@email.unc.edu
Tracey Gollwitzer Assistant to the Chair tracey@unc.edu
Lynnette Jones Student Services Manager/Registrar Lynnette_Jones@unc.edu
Tina Lathia Accounting Technician lathia@email.unc.edu
Cathy M Padgett Career Services Coordinator cathy_padgett@unc.edu
Kim Sieler Assistant Registrar krsieler@email.unc.edu
Jacqueline M. Siler Assistant Registrar jsiler@email.unc.edu
Phil White Computer Systems Administrator Phil_White@unc.edu