Diversity and Inclusion in Health Policy and Management

Diversity is not tolerance for difference but inclusion of those who are not the majority. It should not be measured as a count or a fraction–that is somehow demeaning. Success at maintaining diversity would be when we no longer ask if we are diverse enough, because it has become the norm, not remarkable.” – Anonymous HPM student, in response to student survey. Inclusivity is one of five values that define the culture of the Department of Health Policy and Management.The value of inclusivity promotes a diverse staff, faculty, and student body who feel fully welcome. It also promotes caring about each other as human beings and benefiting from everyone’s talents.

The documents posted here reflect the department’s ideas about diversity and plans for implementing strategies to promote inclusivity in all areas of department life. Additionally, these documents on diversity facilitate and provide guidance for training and promoting future leaders in health care management, research, learning, and teaching. Ultimately, these documents provide a blueprint to help everyone in HPM create diversity, experience inclusion, and celebrate change.

HPM Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Policy-Related and Other Documents

Developing Diversity Curricula

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