Students value the MPH education

Approximately 20-25% of UNC medical students currently pursue the Health Care and Prevention MPH. While students appreciate the opportunity to take advantage of this additional education, it is often not until they are immersed in the coursework that they realize the true value.

Hear what students said toward the end of their MPH year:
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“I have been in school for a long time and can say with confidence my MPH year was the best, most satisfying academic year of my life. I was able to apply new knowledge from classes in the pursuit of my own interests in research and public health programing. I loved every minute of it.”
Daniel J Green (MPH 2013-2014)

“When you wrote in your application essay that you wanted to get better at reading biomedical papers, analyzing truth, not fearing statistics, understanding the health care system, utilizing reform and policy, and practicing leadership…. YOU WILL ACTUALLY BE WORKING ON ALL OF THESE THINGS. Often simultaneously!… it’s not easy! But hold out, because as you put the work in, it all starts to grow and build and become attainable. You’ll realize all this work and all this brain expansion was the whole point.”
Jennica Siddle (MPH  2014-2015)

“At a time when health care is changing perhaps more so than ever, I felt ill equipped to join the healthcare workforce. I wanted to be knowledgeable about the U.S. healthcare system and have the opportunity to participate in the inevitable culture change.”
Will Poe, UNC School of Medicine (MPH 2011-2012)
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“Throughout the year, I was pushed to analyze complex health situations, think independently and openly about health systems as a whole, and leverage a tangible skill set to offer solutions in a variety of settings.”
Neeti Doshi, UNC School of Medicine (MPH 2011-2012)
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“One of the tremendous strengths of the MPH program is the incredible faculty support of students who want to pursue areas of interest that may not be part of the formal curriculum…. I am so indebted to these mentors, who genuinely cared about my education, were excited to learn about my interests, and who provided constructive, valuable feedback throughout the process. Spending time with this faculty made me want to teach others too, and propagate that enthusiasm for learning and service in my future career.”
Carolyn Ziemer, UNC School of Medicine (MPH 2011-2012)
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