Health Behavior MSPH-to-PhD Program

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The MSPH-to-PhD program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree who want to pursue a doctoral degree and a career in research.

The Academic Pathway

Students complete a total of 72 credits of MSPH and PhD course work in three years. The curriculum focuses initially on core competencies in public health and health behavior and then focuses on research courses, practica and a dissertation.




Requirements for the MSPH

  • Fifty public-health course credits
  • A research practicum culminating in a publishable manuscript
  • Pass the master’s level comprehensive examination

Requirements for the Doctorate

  • Additional doctoral-level course credits
  • Two doctoral-level practica
  • Pass written and oral doctoral comprehensive examinations
  • Dissertation – original research on a contemporary public health problem relevant to health behavior (Recent Dissertations List )

Relevant for the first year


Relevant throughout the course of study

Enrollment in the MSPH-to-PhD Program

Enrollment is only in the fall and for full-time students.

For More Information

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