Health Behavior Faculty and Staff

More than 20 faculty and 60 adjunct faculty members guide students, colleagues and communities from across the globe in scholarship, research and service. 

Our faculty are renowned as local and global leaders in various fields within public health. Their work and impact are enhanced by the diversity of their academic and professional backgrounds, volunteer service and experiences. If you are interested in more information about faculty members, please click on their name for their profiles, visit our research page or view the list of faculty research interests by topic.

Clare Barrington Assistant Professor
Lynn White Blanchard Clinical Associate Professor
J. Michael Bowling Research Associate Professor
Noel Brewer Associate Professor
Lori Carter-Edwards Research Associate Professor
Carolyn Crump Research Associate Professor
Jo Anne Earp Professor
Geni Eng Professor
Susan Ennett Professor
Edwin Fisher Professor
Vangie Foshee Professor
Vivian Go Associate Professor
Shelley Golden Clinical Assistant Professor
Carol Golin Associate Professor
Jim Herrington Professor of the Practice
Meg E. Landfried Lecturer
Laura Linnan Professor
Leslie Lytle Professor and Chair
Suzanne Maman Associate Professor
H. Luz McNaughton Reyes Research Assistant Professor
Beth Moracco Research Associate Professor
Kate Muessig Assistant Professor
Wizdom Powell Assistant Professor
Kurt Ribisl Professor
Amanda Richardson Research Assistant Professor
Barbara Rimer Dean and Alumni Distinguished Professor
Christine Rini Research Associate Professor
Jason Smith Clinical Associate Professor
Deborah Tate Associate Professor
Angela Thrasher Assistant Professor


Adjunct Faculty
Mary Altpeter Adjunct Assistant Professor
Susan Blalock Adjunct Professor
Margaret Cannon Adjunct Instructor
Delesha M. Carpenter Adjunct Assistant Professor
Mary Davis Adjunct Assistant Professor
Robert DeVellis Adjunct Professor
Denise Dickinson Adjunct Instructor
Robert Flewelling Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kristie Foley Adjunct Associate Professor
Robert Foss Adjunct Professor
Elizabeth French Adjunct Instructor
Mariana Garrettson Adjunct Instructor
Susan Gaylord Adjunct Associate Professor
Jennifer M. Gierisch Adjunct Assistant Professor
Lisa Gilbert Adjunct Assistant Professor
Bernard Glassman Adjunct Instructor
Moses Goldmon Adjunct Assistant Professor
Debbie Grammer Adjunct Instructor
Daniel Halperin Adjunct Professor
Susan W. Haws Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sara Herndon Adjunct Instructor
Christine Jackson Adjunct Associate Professor
David Jolly Adjunct Associate Professor
Linda Kinsinger Adjunct Associate Professor
Megan Lewis Adjunct Assistant Professor
Alexandra Lightfoot Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kathleen MacQueen Adjunct Associate Professor
David McCoy Adjunct Assistant Professor  contact the department
Meg Molloy Adjunct Assistant Professor
Alexis Moore Adjunct Instructor
Ingrid Morris Adjunct Instructor
Melva Okun Adjunct Assistant Professor
Carol Patterson Adjunct Instructor
Krista Perreira Adjunct Associate Professor
Michael Pignone Adjunct Professor
Robert Pleasants Adjunct Assistant Professor
Kathryn Pollak Adjunct Associate Professor
Elizabeth Randall-David Adjunct Assistant Professor
Scott Rhodes Adjunct Associate Professor
Christopher Ringwalt Adjunct Professor
Marcia Roth Adjunct Instructor
Carol Runyan Adjunct Professor
Michael Schulman Adjunct Professor
Paschal Sheeran Adjunct Professor
Arjumand Siddiqi Adjunct Assistant Professor
Celette Skinner Adjunct Associate Professor
Paige Hall Smith Adjunct Associate Professor
Brian Southwell Adjunct Associate Professor
Elizabeth Stern Adjunct Instructor
Karen Strazza Adjunct Instructor
Katherine Turner Adjunct Instructor
Eugenia Upchurch Adjunct Instructor
Amy Vincus Adjunct Instructor
Maihan Vu Adjunct Assistant Professor
Anna Waller Adjunct Associate Professor
Karen Webb Adjunct Instructor
Godfrey Woelk Adjunct Associate Professor
Michael Yonas Adjunct Associate Professor


Emeritus Faculty
Karl Bauman Professor Emeritus
Brenda DeVellis Professor Emeritus
John W. Hatch Kenan Professor Emeritus
Ethel J.  Jackson Professor Emeritus
Elizabeth Mutran Professor Emeritus
James Sorenson Professor Emeritus
Allan Steckler Professor Emeritus

Amorelle Crossley
Grants Manager
365 Rosenau Hall

Cheryl Gerringer
Business Manager
302C Rosenau Hall

Da’Esha McPhaul
Student Services Assistant
359 Rosenau Hall

Helena Mullen
Assistant to Department Chair
302F Rosenau Hall

Laura Pearson
Administrative Support Professional
302 Rosenau Hall

Robin Perkins
Accounting Manager
302D Rosenau Hall

Peter Balvanz, MPH
Project Coordinator
HIV Risk Reduction in Tanzania

Maggy Coufal, MPH, MA
Senior Program Manager
Peers for Progress Development Center

James Emery, MPH
Research Associate
DHPE Policy Curriculum/Exchange

Ashley Leighton Feld, MPH
Project Director
Tobacco Marketing Study

Megan Hall, MPH
Assistant Program Director
HPV vaccine research

Robert Letourneau, MPH
Research Associate
American Indian/Alaska Native projects

Rachel Page, MPH
Research Associate
Healthy Solutions

Jennifer B. Robinette, MS
Associate Program Manager
Peers for Progress Development Center

Teerada Sripaipan
Project Coordinator

Samuel Thompson, MSW
Community and Clinical Connections for Prevention and Health

Note: This list does not include current students working on research projects.

Postdoctoral Appointments

Donaldson Conserve, PhD Cynthia Khan, PhD NC Genes 919-843-6044 Jessica Pepper, PhD Cancer Research