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A world-class education at the Gillings School equips students to become future leaders in their fields. Global and local content and approaches are infused across our courses, programs and degrees. The Gillings Global Gateway integrates and promotes global health opportunities throughout the School. The office supports student groups, such as the Student Global Health Committee and GlobeMed, administers paid global internships,provides access to global alumni mentors, and aims to help international students feel at home quickly in the Gillings School community. 

Global Health Academic Offerings

Through a project titled, ‘Globalization of the Curriculum,’ we integrate global health content across the core MPH course curriculum and departmental-based core courses. Students who wish to have the equivalent of a minor may do so through a Residential Certificate in Global Health.  We offer two types of Certificates in Global Health:

Residential Graduate Certificate in Global Health

Online Global Health Certificate

Residential Graduate Certificate in Global Health

The Residential Graduate Certificate in Global Health complements currently enrolled graduate students’ departmental requirements by offering courses and seminars that provide a comprehensive understanding of global health conditions, needs and solutions that cross borders in both developing and industrialized countries.

More information about the Residential Graduate Certificate in Global Health can be found on the Gillings Program Search. Gillings Program Search

Current Residential Graduate Certificate in Global Health students can find more information here.

Online Global Health Certificate

The Online Global Health Certificate is for working health professionals around the world. The online certificate is a formal academic certificate for non-degree seeking students that examine complexities inherent in improving health on a global scale.

More information about the Online Global Health Certificate can be found on the Gillings Program Search. Gillings Program Search

Current Online Global Health Certificate students can find more information here.

Other UNC global offerings: The Center for Global Initiatives offers a graduate Certificate in International Development.


Internships and Funding

GGG_students_travelThe Gillings Global Gateway helps administer several funded global health internships, and advertises other internship and funding opportunities. Learn more here.

Travel Requirements

UNC Gillings School students planning to travel internationally to fulfill academic requirements (conduct research, participate in practice experiences, or otherwise fulfill an academic requirement) must complete ALL 5 travel requirements before leaving the United States.

Required International Travel Checklist for Students- Complete all 5 steps before leaving

  1. Review the UNC-Chapel Hill Travel Policy.
  2. Review the Study, Travel and Research in Countries under US State Department Warnings webpage to determine the risk level of the country you intend to travel to for academic purposes.
  3. Register all international travel, including study abroad, exchange programs, internships, service programs and research projects through UNC Global Travel RegistryPlease remember to mark your trip affiliation with the Gillings School of Global Public Health when registering your travel.
  4. UNC students must obtain Medical Evacuation Insurance from the UNC Office of Risk Management. Contact Janet Hoernke.
  5. Complete an original, signed General Travel Waiver: Submit an original, signed general travel waiver (open pdf file) to the Gillings Global Gateway (104 Rosenau).

For further information about these UNC travel requirements please contact

Find more useful travel information here.

Useful Travel Information

If you plan to conduct research abroad, you and your adviser must be certified in research ethics and you must submit an IRB application and receive approval well in advance of your trip. Visit the website for the UNC Office of Human Research Ethics.


International Students

GGG_global students_pngThe Gillings School is truly a global school, where we welcome students and faculty from all parts of the world.  Please look at the opportunities provided for our current and prospective international students. Opportunities found here.

 Global Alumni Mentors

The Gillings School has produced many extremely successful alumni over the years. Our alumni are global leaders in the academic, government, private and non profit sectors, and a degree from UNC’s public health school was a critical building block in their careers.  They tell us that they feel an enduring connection and loyalty to the School.  They received a lot of support while they were here, and want to “pay it forward.”

The Global Mentors program is one way in which our public health alumni and friends can mentor current students, reconnect with the Gillings School student experience and help build the next generation of global health leaders.

List of Global Mentors


The Global Mentors program is in its early stages of development.  To learn more about becoming a global mentor, please email


The Gillings Global Gateway has gathered career development and support materials to assist students interested in pursuing a career in global health.  Below are some links that might be useful for a job search or career development.