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Global and local content and approaches are infused across our courses, programs and degrees. The Gillings Global Gateway™ harmonizes and promotes student global health opportunities throughout the School. Gillings School student global offerings and resources are below.

Global Academic Offerings

GGG_Online MPH_graphicThe Global Online MPH track provides working professionals around the world with public health skills to analyze and develop solutions to address issues in global health through an interdisciplinary perspective; the leadership skills to apply contemporary leadership models; and the practice skills to integrate, apply and synthesize knowledge to develop best implementation practices for promoting healthy communities.

GGG_cgh_graphicThe Residential Graduate Certificate in Global Health enhances students’ capability and capacity to perform as public health professionals with a global perspective and with collaborative and cross-cultural sensitivity and skills in communication, diversity and cultural competency, professionalism and ethics, and systems thinking. The Certificate in Global Health is open to students enrolled in a residential graduate degree program at UNC-Chapel Hill.

GGG_ocgh_graphicThe Online Certificate in Global Health strengthens the global health competencies and abilities of healthcare practitioners throughout North Carolina, the nation and the world. It is a formal academic certificate for non-degree-seeking students that examines complexities inherent in improving health on a global scale.



Global Internships and Funding Opportunities


The Gillings Global Gateway™ partners with public health organizations to offer several funded internships or fellowships focusing on global health for Gillings School students. We also advertise other global health internship and funding opportunities.

Student Travel Requirements


Gillings School students are expected to complete all travel requirements BEFORE leaving the United States for an international trip. The travel requirements pertain to all international travel related to UNC work, research, studies, practicums/internships.


International Student Resources


The Gillings Global Gateway™ has compiled a list of resources for current and prospective international students to help in their transition to living in the U.S.


Global Health Student Groups


The Student Global Health Committee (SGHC) is a student-run global health organization in the Gillings School of Global Public Health. SGHC is an organization committed to creating awareness and understanding of international health issues among the UNC community through education, advocacy, and service.


GlobeMed at UNC aims to strengthen the movement for global health equity by empowering students and communities to work together to improve the health of people living in poverty around the world.


Global Health Career Resources


The Global Alumni Mentors program is one way in which our public health alumni and friends can mentor current students, reconnect with the Gillings School student experience and help build the next generation of global health leaders.


The Gillings Global Gateway™ has gathered career development and support materials to assist students interested in pursuing a career in global health.