Research Themes

Four boys in Varnasi, India, work hard at the pump for the reward of a refreshing splash of water. Photo by Niharika Bhattaral (The Water Institute at UNC)

The Gillings School has expertise in almost every imaginable area of public health; we currently have five strategic initiatives and some of our strongest expertise lies in these theme areas below. Learn more about our strengths and the School leaders who are making a difference.

There are striking common themes running through all the areas of strength below.

  • First, interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships are key, since big public health problems cannot be solved in silos.
  • Second, local health is global health – our cutting-edge work has relevance both in North Carolina and in far-flung corners of the globe.
  • Third, we focus on real-world problems with practical, scalable solutions – no ivory towers at the Gillings School!

To review some of our areas of strength, click on each specific strength below to read more.