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Who We Are

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Where We Work

Gillings School faculty members are leaders in determining risk factors for cancer, using technology to reduce the health impacts of diabetes, creating policy changes to discourage young people from smoking, and designing better ways to reach millions with clean, safe water and sanitation. The lessons we learn globally often are used to save lives and transform public health in North Carolina, and research conducted here has impact and relevance around the world. Last year nearly half of our faculty members research grants and contracts had a global health focus.

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Many of our global leaders also work in global centers and institutes around UNC-Chapel Hill. Below are several:

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Solving problems.  Finding answers. These are the essence of leadership at the Gillings School.


What We Do

Our faculty, students, staff and alumni are recognized in the U.S. and globally for their cutting-edge research, teaching and public service.  Our news stories illustrate some of our recent achievements. Some of our strongest expertise lies in these theme areas below, locally and globally. Learn more about our strengths and the School leaders who are making a difference.

Research Themes

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”
— Albert von Szent-Gyorgy, Nobel Prize Winner