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The Gateway organizes and promotes the School's global activities.  Check out more details below. Photo by Dr. Michael San Clements

The Gillings Global Gateway™ organizes and promotes the School’s global activities. Check out more details below. Photo by Dr. Michael San Clements

 Mission  |  Model

Our Mission

The creation of the Gillings Global Gateway™
We build on past accomplishments with the inception of the Gillings Global Gateway™. Read more about how we got here.
The Gillings Global Gateway™ mission is to enhance the School’s strategic  global public health impact by:

  • Fostering high-impact public health partnerships with governments, the private sector, non-profits and academia
  • Turning research into real-world solutions that transform lives in North Carolina and around the world
  • Promoting the unique strengths of the Gillings School in global research, teaching, and public service
  • Training the next generation of global public health leaders

Gillings Global Gateway™ Model

The Gillings Global Gateway™ organizes and promotes the School’s global activities in four interconnected areas: research to implementation, partnerships, outreach and communications, and global learning.



The Gillings Global Gateway™ allows us to build and sustain robust, strategic partnerships with academic institutions, governments and nongovernmental organizations. We will streamline internal processes so that we can respond more quickly and effectively to global funding opportunities. Learn more about our active partnerships here.


Research to Implementation

The Gillings Global Gateway™ will strengthen the School’s capacity to turn robust science into effective, real-world programs and meaningful policy action on a global scale. We will focus on critical global public health priorities for which the School has significant leadership strength and the potential to move from research to transformative solutions with sustainable global impact. Learn more here.

Global Learning

At the Gillings School, we equip our students with critical public health skills along with the ability to think creatively, work collaboratively, and act as entrepreneurs and innovators. We are reaching out across the globe to find new ways to expand our teaching and achieve maximum range and impact. Read More

We will continue to expand our offerings of innovative, high-quality programs that build the capacity of the global health workforce.

Outreach and Communication

By establishing the Gillings Global Gateway™, we are making enhanced efforts to reach out across the globe to promote our School’s reputation for global leadership, cutting-edge innovation and the ability to solve problems. No other school of public health uses this kind of integrated model. Read More

As the school of choice for faculty members and students from around the world, the Gillings School of Global Public Health positions our graduates to become the next generation of global health leaders.

As a leader in research, teaching, implementation science and public service, the Gillings School offers its partners the potential to accelerate solutions to complex global health problems, including those that affect us in North Carolina.

As a focal point for the Gillings Global Gateway™ networking and communications strategy, we have created an easy-to-navigate Web portal that highlights our global activities and expertise and provides a single point of access to our School’s global offerings.


Download a pdf about the Gillings Global Gateway™