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Steve Wing, PhD

Associate Professor, Epidemiology


Dr. Steve Wing uses his research on the occupational and environmental health effects of industrial swine production, ionizing radiation, sewage sludge and the built environment to advocate for social and environmental justice. Read More

Dr. Wing’s research combines community engagement with cutting-edge epidemiology, enabling people to work together to improve the health of their communities. In particular, he has received wide recognition for his work in exposing the environmental injustices and adverse health effects posed by concentrated or confined animal feeding operations (CAFO) on economically disadvantaged communities in rural, eastern North Carolina. This work attracted the attention of several powerful special interest groups representing industrial swine production, and Dr. Wing was honored in 2009 with the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology’s Research Integrity Award for his steadfast commitment to his research in the face of strong opposition from industry lawyers. Dr. Wing’s research has subsequently impacted state policy, contributing to a continuing moratorium on the construction of new farms with over 250 hogs.

Dr. Wing has also collaborated on health and exposure studies with communities and workers affected by the nuclear industry, conducting and publishing investigations into radiation exposure effects, the results of which are unfavorable to the U.S. Department of Energy and other powerful interests. He has also conducted research on the health effects of exposure to land-applied sewage sludge in rural communities within the state.

Active Projects

  • The impact of intensive livestock production on the disease ecology of antibiotic resistant staphylococcus
  • North Carolina Environmental Justice 2013 Summit Proposal


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