Global Health Mentor Sharon Epstein

Sharon Epstein at work.

Sharon Epstein at work.

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Sharon E. Epstein

Global Haelth Mentor
Global Health Mentors are alumni with substantial global health
experience who are willing to provide career advice, connections and
mentoring to current Gillings students interested in a global health career.

New Yorker by birth, North Carolinian by choice (from 1981/2 when I took my MPH in the SPH – MCH Dep’t)! I also have a Masters in Int’l Affairs from the School of Int’l Affairs, Columbia University, in NYC. Spent 9 years with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) as representative in Bangladesh, the South Pacific and Pakistan and in the Asia Bureau at Headquarters in NY. Read More

Joined the US Agency for Int’l Development (USAID) and the US Foreign Service in 1984, serving as Director, Health, in USAID Missions in Bangladesh, Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Acting Director in Haiti. I also worked in the Science and Technology Bureau and the Global Health Bureau in USAID/Washington. I retired from USAID in August 2013 and live in Chapel Hill. At intervals in my career, I directed a global adolescent reproductive health project based in Washington DC for Pathfinder Int’l and was Chief of Party for John Snow Inc. on a women’s health project in the Republic of Georgia. I have also worked as a short-term consultant on design, operations and evaluation of women’s health, MCH, population and family planning, disease prevention and disaster/emergency programs and projects for the UN, USAID and many private sector organizations. At one time or another over a 40 year career, I have worked in many countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.


  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Latin America
  • Middle East

Areas of Interest

  • Structuring studies to prepare for work in global/international health
  • Job search process


Depends on travel schedule.  Be sure to email and we can plan a phone call or meet.

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