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A child being weighed.

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Professor, Nutrition


Dr. Adair is a biological anthropologist interested in maternal and child nutrition.  Her theoretical orientation comes from human biology, and she is interested in how human populations respond to nutritional stresses. Read More

She is currently working on a large-scale longitudinal survey of women and children in Cebu, Philippines, which explores patterns and determinants of growth from infancy through young adulthood; the long-term consequences of fetal and early child-growth patterns; the development of risk factors for chronic diseases in adolescents and young adults; determinants of women’s nutritional status through the life cycle; and factors that predict cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and healthy aging. She also works with Department of Nutrition faculty and with international collaborators on several projects: (1) Factors affecting postpartum health and nutritional status of HIV-infected women and their infants in Malawi and Rwanda; (2) Developmental origins of young adult health in 5 low and middle income birth cohorts from around the world; (3) Determinants of obesity and chronic disease in China.  Adair is also an Honorary Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, where she collaborates with faculty and students conducting birth cohort studies. At UNC, she teaches international nutrition, advanced methods of nutritional epidemiology and a doctoral seminar.

Active Projects

  • Nutrition Innovation Collaboration
  • Emergence of Cardiometabolic Risk Across the Lifecycle in China
  • Multidimensional pathways to healthy aging among Filipino women


  • Malawi
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • United States



408 University Square East
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T: 919-966-4449