Annual Fund

Giving to the Annual Fund supports the School and its eight academic units in areas of our greatest need. Your Annual Fund gift supports:


Annual Fund Scholarships

Providing financial assistance to students is one of the School’s top priorities. In 2009, we created Annual Fund Scholarships to designate funds to every academic unit. To date, we have had 83 Annual Fund Scholars. More contributions will result in more scholarships.

Engaging Education

We are committed to creating an academic environment that spurs innovation, fosters curiosity, cultivates entrepreneurship, and is a catalyst for solutions. We do so by hosting lectures, expert speakers and conferences that cover emerging issues and connect us to a broader public health community. To learn more about these educationally engaging events–and experience them for yourself, please visit our webcasts page.

Students and Alumni Connections

Our students and alumni are doing amazing things in public health–and the more we connect, the more we can learn from one another and achieve our common goal of improving public health for all! When we come together for educational events, mentoring, career development, research and service projects we bring public health solutions from the well to the world.

Make your gift

Your gift to the Annual Fund is not only a vote of confidence in the School, our people, programs and future, but in the future of public health. We are grateful for gifts of any amount. Together these gifts have great impact and help us continue to prepare the next generation of public health leaders. Make your gift today or learn how you can become a member of our Rosenau Society and receive benefits for your Annual Fund giving.