Environmental/Occupational Seminars

Environmental Epidemiology Seminars
Fall 2013- Spring 2014 Friday 2 – 3 pm

9/06/2013 2005 HC Ginger Guidry
Post-doctoral trainee
Total and free urinary phenol concentrations over the course of pregnancy in the Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study
9/20/2013 2005 HC Jill Johnston
Post-doctoral trainee
A case of the vapors: military toxics, environmental justice and indoor air
10/04/2013 2005 HC Nat MacHardy
Pre-doctoral trainee
Race and Airborne Toxic Release in Louisiana: Using Monte Carlo Methods to Quantify Uncertainty in Environmental Justice Studies
11/08/2013 2005 HC Emily Werder
Pre-doctoral trainee
Spatial analysis of BTEX compounds and oil refineries in the Gulf Long-term Follow-up Study
11/22/2013 2005 HC John Beard
Pre-doctoral trainee
Military Service, Deployments, and Exposures in Relation to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Etiology and Survival
1/10/2014 2005 HC Nat MacHardy 
Pre-doctoral trainee
Journal club
1/17/2014 2005 HC Lexie White
Doctoral Student
PAH-DNA Adducts and DNA methylation with breast cancer: mediation or effect measure modification?
1/24/2014 2005 HC Steve Wing 
Associate Professor
Journal Club
1/31/2014 2005 HC Melissa Furlong
Pre-doctoral trainee
Pesticides, Parkinson’s Disease, and Personal Protective Equipment
2/07/2014 2005 HC Jean Strelitz
Pre-doctoral trainee
PAHs and chronic inflammation among Deepwater Horizon oil spill clean-up workers
2/14/2014 2005 HC Jill Johnston
Post-doctoral trainee
Journal club
2/21/2014 2005 HC Laura McGuinn
Pre-doctoral trainee
Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Female Pubertal Development
2/28/2014 2005 HC Melanie Napier
Pre-doctoral trainee
Human health risks from swimming in fecally contaminated water: Does source make a difference?
3/07/2014 2005 HC Ginger Guidry
Post-doctoral trainee
Journal club
3/21/2014 2005 HC Laurel Harduar Morano 
Doctoral student
Assessing the relationship between ambient outdoor temperature and morbidity/mortality in Florida
3/28/2014 2005 HC Kaitlin Kelly-Reif
MSPH student
Cancer incidence near the Apollo, PA  nuclear facility: a reanalysis
4/04/2014 2005 HC Humberto Parada
Pre-doctoral trainee
Metabolic syndrome among Deepwater Horizon oil spill clean-up workers
4/11/2014 2005 HC Jess Rinsky
Doctoral Student
Industrial animal production and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among farmers in Iowa and North Carolina
4/25/2014 2005 HC Kate Hoffman 
Exposure to Flame Retardants and Potential Health Concerns