ESE Events: Spring 2014

 Please note that student defense and seminar schedules are also available.

Date Event Time Location
8 Bagel Breakfast 8:30 am MHRC Atrium
7 Open House 8:30am McGavran-Greenberg 2301
12 Bagel Breakfast  8:30 am MHRC Atrium
 5   Bagel Breakfast  8:30 am  MHRC Atrium
9   Bagel Breakfast   8:30 am MHRC Atrium
10 ESE Reception 4:00pm Friday Center
10 Foard Memorial Lecture 6:00pm Friday Center
15 Ice Cream Social 12:30 pm McGavran-Greenberg Courtyard
24 Spring Picnic 4:00 pm UNC Farm