Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

At our School, diversity and inclusion mean we welcome, value and learn from individual differences and perspectives.

By cultivating inclusion within the School, we better prepare our students, faculty, and staff for the diverse world that awaits them. A globally-interconnected world needs culturally competent people to serve as its leaders. Diversity and inclusion are assets that contribute to our excellence.

Diversity and inclusion are essential components of academic excellence.

They empower us to participate in a global community and model our institutional commitment to social justice, human dignity and peace. Read our Dean’s Council’s Statement of Commitment.

To address diversity and inclusion issues in a meaningful and significant manner, we formed a Diversity and Inclusion Task Force in November 2010.

The DITF completed its report in September 2011, and the School’s leaders are acting on some of the highest priority recommendations, listed below. In addition to the Dean’s Council Statement of Commitment, other highest priority recommendations are:

  • Share/develop best practices between departments (starting with admissions); and
  • Draft a model/process for spreading diversity and inclusion principles and practices.

Other actions will follow. A smaller committee, called DITF-I (PDF) and comprised of volunteers from DITF, is moving forward to help steer the implementation process through 2012.

If you have questions about the progress of the Task Force or information or comments you want to share, please send them to sph-diversity@unc.edu.


The September 2011 report:

Diversity and inclusion participant rosters: