Carolina Public Health magazine - We’re Racing Ahead (Spring, 2011)

Table of Contents

  From the Dean’s desk PDF HTML
  The public’s health should not wait for solutions PDF HTML
  Treatment and prevention in the ‘buckle’ of the stroke belt PDF HTML
  Swa koteka – ‘It is possible’ to prevent HIV PDF HTML
  Training patients to manage their pain PDF HTML
  Setting the standard for health departments PDF HTML
  Reducing risks after head injuries PDF HTML
  Healthy hospital bottom line means healthier communities PDF HTML
  MOVE to improve veterans’ health PDF HTML
  Clothes make the man (or woman) less tasty to ticks PDF HTML
  Internet search data provide timely, accurate picture of health behavior PDF HTML
  Alzheimer’s disease research – awareness, education and care PDF HTML
  Easing the wheezing – asthma can be managed PDF HTML
  Public health research annual report PDF HTML
  Clues to controlling cancer PDF HTML
  The Water Institute at UNC – adapt and thrive PDF HTML
  Bringing clean water to Southeast Asia PDF HTML
  Exploring cause and effect of climate change PDF HTML
  Disease mapping to pinpoint, predict and prevent epidemics PDF HTML
  School news PDF HTML
  Awards and recognitions PDF HTML
  A Carolina Annuity benefits you and the School PDF HTML
  Your gift will help a student make a difference PDF HTML
  New innovation lab aims to ensure safer drinking water PDF HTML
  Why name a dinner ‘World of Difference?’ PDF HTML
  Singer honored as namesake of endowed professorship PDF HTML
  Giving back – David Ballard and Michela Caruso PDF HTML