Preventing accidents, injuries and violence May 16, 2012 Every child on the playground thinks she’s invincible. Watch one swinging skyward; another, rock climbing. In our adult lives, despite accidents, injuries and violence, we all too often live as if we were invincible, too. But through all stages of life, we need protective policies and practices… Read more »

Glenn Walters May 01, 2013 Tinkering his way to an innovative academic career As with many budding researchers, Glenn Walters found his calling in the field. In his case, however, "the field" was not a clinical site, a remote corner of the globe or a neighborhood ruined by industrialization. For Walters, inspiration came from a… Read more »

Dr. Hajime Kanamori November 07, 2012 A belief in ‘kizuna’ Dr. Kanamori "Fortunately, I can let you know I’m alive." Those were the sober words of Hajime Kanamori, MD, PhD, MPH, in an email to colleagues at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health in March 2011. Kanamori was in the northern part of Miyagi… Read more »

Hilton Foundation unites with Water Institute November 07, 2012 Dr. Jamie Bartram The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation has granted $1.5 million to The Water Institute at UNC to improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the world. The Institute will use the grant in liaison with the nonprofit foundation and its grantees across the globe… Read more »

Dreaming of A Time May 16, 2012 Prevention was the seed fromwhich North Carolina’s public health school grew. In the early 20th century, the ravages of poverty and lack of education in the mostly rural southern state made its people vulnerable to hookworm, smallpox, typhoid, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, and diseases of nutritional deficiency, including rickets…. Read more »

WHO Cares May 17, 2012 Dr. Sandra Martin Sandra Martin works with the World Health Organization (WHO) to assure optimal care for women survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Dr. Sandra Martin’s career has been devoted to preventing violence and helping violence survivors recover from trauma. Martin’s research has focused on violence during pregnancy,… Read more »

Suzanne Maman in Tanzania May 01, 2013 Small loans change health behaviors in at-risk young men The young men from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, had heard it all. They had been educated about safe sex and taught methods to prevent the dramatic spread of HIV ravaging their community. They were encouraged to reduce the ongoing… Read more »

Looking toward the future: John and Fledra Hatch May 17, 2012 John W. Hatch came to UNC in 1970 to work at the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services Research. Soon, he was enrolled as a doctoral student at UNC’s School of Public Health. He became a professor of health behavior and health education,… Read more »

Preventing risks to women, children and families is at the heart of public health May 16, 2012 UNC’s maternal and child health department has a long history of field work aimed at preventing problems related to pregnancy, prenatal health, infant feeding problems, and maternal safety and health. Maternal and child health chair Dr. Herbert Peterson… Read more »

The Swartz Scholarship November 07, 2012 The Swartz Scholarship – meeting an immediate need John and Dorothy Swartz John and Dorothy Swartz love to travel. When they established the Swartz Scholarship at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, their inspiration was drawn from the many faces of public health they encountered in their trips… Read more »