The Swartz Scholarship November 07, 2012 The Swartz Scholarship – meeting an immediate need John and Dorothy Swartz John and Dorothy Swartz love to travel. When they established the Swartz Scholarship at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, their inspiration was drawn from the many faces of public health they encountered in their trips… Read more »

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The birth of BioDeptronix May 01, 2013 Scientific improvisation puts researchers in good company Will Vizuete is a huge fan of jazz. In 2009 and 2010, he was disc jockey for a weekly jazz program on WXYC, the UNC campus station, and he’s still a volunteer DJ on occasion. Part of what he loves about… Read more »

The Philip C. Singer Distinguished Professorship in Environmental Sciences and Engineering May 01, 2013 Continues to grow! Dr. Phillip C. Singer In June 2011, Dr. Philip Singer, Daniel A. Okun Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering at Gillings School of Global Public Health, retired after 38 years at UNC. We salute the following alumni, family and… Read more »

Steve Zeisel’s Gates Foundation Grant May 01, 2013 Enables pregnant women in The Gambia to deliver healthier babies A mother and child in The Gambia Would giving choline supplements to pregnant women in The Gambia improve fetal brain development and future cognitive functioning? Dr. Steve Zeisel Dr. Steve Zeisel’s proposal to discover the potential has… Read more »

Preventing illness, preserving health May 16, 2012 Dr. Jennifer Smith, Dr. Peggy Bentley (holding Anneliese Bell) and former N.C. state health director and Gillings Visiting Professor Dr. Leah Devlin conduct prevention activities locally, across the state and around the world. The epicenter of public health is prevention–vaccinations to avoid diseases, hand washing to stop germs… Read more »

Embracing Technology to Teach Millennials May 01, 2013 Most students in Dr. John Paul’s large lecture class have smartphones, and they all have laptops. To boost student engagement, Paul puts the ubiquity of the devices to good advantage. He intersperses lectures with brief polls, and his students respond with text messages that lead to lively… Read more »

From the dean’s desk May 01, 2013 Dr. Barbara Rimer Research connects past and future In this spring issue, we focus on research-in-progress, as befits the season. We highlight people who are developing new solutions to public health problems and acknowledge that their successes are built upon a foundation of scholarship and research that connects… Read more »

Implementation science November 05, 2012 Translating research into real-world solutions Dr. Herbert Peterson addresses a group of maternal and child health alumni and friends at the 2012 Foard Lecture. Herbert Peterson, MD, an obstetriciangynecologist, Kenan Distinguished Professor and chair of maternal and child health, knows how to stop a postpartum hemorrhage for a patient at… Read more »

Preventing environmental risk and redefining policy May 16, 2012 For more than 70 years, UNC environmental scientists and engineers have helped implement programs and policies that improve people’s lives by preventing illness and disease. They now face new and greater challenges resulting from overpopulation, limited access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities, an excess… Read more »