April 23, 2010 If you visit Tom Butler’s hog farm in Harnett County, N.C., you might spot a covered trailer bearing the faint logo of a rodeo clown. But don’t think there’s funny business inside. The unlikely laboratory is the place where Mike Aitken, PhD, chair of UNC’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering,is conducting… Read more »

April 23, 2010 You may not hear an epidemiologist quote a politician very often, but Steven R. Meshnick, MD, PhD, has been known to. “As the late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said, ‘You can’t solve a problem until you first learn how to measure it,’” says Meshnick, who leads a highly collaborative Gillings Innovation… Read more »

April 23, 2010 New methods and technologies transform the teacher’s role in global education The ways we access and use information have changed radically over the last decade. Thanks to innovations such as social networking, micro-blogs and instantaneously loaded video, we can know about an event within moments of its happening, even if it happens… Read more »

April 23, 2010 Fisher heads global group providing diabetes support A peer educator in Cambodia conducts weekly group sessions, offering lessons about diabetes management and advice about physical activity and nutrition. A community health worker in rural Arizona provides support and education to medically underserved migrant workers and new immigrants with diabetes. He helps order… Read more »

April 23, 2010 Rapid development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has led to increased life expectancy and greater economic opportunity, but it also brings the potential for significant environmental and public health threats. Since June 2008, researchers at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health have collaborated with UAE officials in an effort to… Read more »

April 23, 2010 Computational toxicology creates new ways to synthesize data How much exposure to a certain chemical is safe? What’s the right dose of a given drug? So far, agencies charged with answering these questions — the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration — have not had good ways to account… Read more »

April 23, 2010 Ten clinics in six study centers. Thousands of patients who suffer from a disease that has multiple variations. Three years’ worth of clinical and molecular data for each patient. How do you capture and organize the information a study like that generates? How do you analyze all that complex data to make… Read more »

April 23, 2010 From SARS to the common cold, Baric’s research could lead to vaccines. An issue of Carolina Public Health on innovation would be incomplete without an article on Ralph Baric, PhD, and his work with viruses. After all, he’s the epidemiology professor who synthetically reproduced the variant of the SARS virus found in… Read more »

April 23, 2010 In August 2009, two months before the first shipment of H1N1 vaccine was to arrive in North Carolina, officials with the N.C. Division of Public Health already were planning how to distribute it. They wanted to determine what people knew about the vaccine and how many were planning to get immunized. And… Read more »

April 23, 2010 When Barry Popkin, PhD, advocates for a national tax on sugar-sweetened beverages, soft-drink makers and food-industry groups attack. “Everybody comes after me,” he says. But Popkin, an internationally recognized expert in nutrition and obesity, is unfazed. Savvy, passionate and eager to speak out, he says, “I want to have an impact.” The… Read more »