December 13, 2006 Beauty salons, barber shops and community health centers work with UNC researchers to get the word out about how to reduce the risk of colon cancer. If UNC School of Public Health researchers have their way, people will be talking more about colonoscopies and other ways to reduce their risk for… Read more »

  December 13, 2006 Dr. Barbara K. Rimer We chose to focus this issue of Carolina Public Health on health disparities out of a deep conviction that eliminating health disparities is one of the most important tasks before us, as individuals, as a school and as a nation. In too many areas — diabetes, cancers,… Read more »

  December 13, 2006 Dr. Robert Sandler Are the higher rates of colon cancer among African-Americans and their higher death rates from this disease due to differences in access to care or health information, differences in diet, or even variant tumor characteristics? Various studies have suggested these reasons and more, but there are no clear-cut… Read more »

December 13, 2006 Dr. Milton Rosenau, Founding Dean Dr. Milton Rosenau, the UNC School of Public Health’s first dean, believed that every person deserved sufficient education and resources to “meet the needs of his body and the demands of his health.” From its inception, the UNC School of Public Health followed his lead in working… Read more »

December 13, 2006 A selected timeline of our School’s work in overturning health disparities 1930s 1936 Dr. Milton Rosenau becomes director of the new Division of Public Health at the UNC School of Medicine, intent upon developing the practical aspects of public health and addressing the health needs of all people. First Health Education class… Read more »

  March 24, 2006 Dr. Barbara K. Rimer, Dean Greetings to all our readers — faculty, staff, students, alumni, our generous donors and many friends. Welcome to the first issue of the new Carolina Public Health. It is the right time to celebrate the arrival of this new magazine. Never has public health been more… Read more »