May 01, 2013 Enables pregnant women in The Gambia to deliver healthier babies A mother and child in The Gambia Would giving choline supplements to pregnant women in The Gambia improve fetal brain development and future cognitive functioning? Dr. Steve Zeisel Dr. Steve Zeisel’s proposal to discover the potential has made him and the UNC… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Creating a legacy for Jamie   The virtues appended to various gifts in her memory offer clues about who she was – a Jamie Kimble Character Scholarship for young women who otherwise might not be able to afford college; a Jamie Kimble Spirit Award; and her parents’ most recent gift, and likely… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Saving lives while giving back to North Carolina   Overdoses involving prescription painkillers are at epidemic levels and now kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined. The great majority [perhaps 70 percent or more] are unintentional deaths. States, health insurers, health care providers and individuals have critical roles to play in… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Most students in Dr. John Paul’s large lecture class have smartphones, and they all have laptops. To boost student engagement, Paul puts the ubiquity of the devices to good advantage. He intersperses lectures with brief polls, and his students respond with text messages that lead to lively discussions. Dr. Suzanne Hobbs brings… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Research connects past and future In this spring issue, we focus on research-in-progress, as befits the season. We highlight people who are developing new solutions to public health problems and acknowledge that their successes are built upon a foundation of scholarship and research that connects the past to the future. Excellence, quality,… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Continues to grow! Dr. Phillip C. Singer In June 2011, Dr. Philip Singer, Daniel A. Okun Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering at Gillings School of Global Public Health, retired after 38 years at UNC. We salute the following alumni, family and friends who have established the Philip C. Singer Distinguished Professorship in… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Solutions on the horizon at the Gillings School As part of a public university, the Gillings School of Global Public Health is committed to making real and measurable differences in the lives of North Carolinians, who are our neighbors and generous benefactors. As our name reflects– and as the world requires–we also… Read more »

October 2012 – April 2013 Read more at Dr. Greg Allgood Dr. Greg Characklis Dr. Mike Cohen Dr. Leah Devlin Greg Allgood, PhD, alumnus and director of Procter and Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, was one of 17 celebrities and clean water advocates who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in January to draw attention to… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Scientific improvisation puts researchers in good company Will Vizuete is a huge fan of jazz. In 2009 and 2010, he was disc jockey for a weekly jazz program on WXYC, the UNC campus station, and he’s still a volunteer DJ on occasion. Part of what he loves about jazz is the improvisation,… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Discovering what every body is craving Imagine visiting your doctor for a prescription – not for medication, but for a diet perfectly tailored to your body’s needs. You would get a precise menu for feeling and looking your best – foods to ward off chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes, to… Read more »