December 27, 2011 Share Doctoral student Biostatistics 2011-2012 Fryer Fellow Jon Hibbard started out as a mathematician, pure and simple. It’s a subject he loves. But when one of his friends underwent a career change and began to work as a nurse, he was jealous of how fulfilled his friend felt at work and of… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Doctoral student Maternal and Child Health Layla Lavasani, who received her master’s degree in international health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, works to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality in resource-poor settings. Her areas of technical expertise are in monitoring and evaluation of maternal and newborn health… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Master’s student Health Behavior and Health Education “I have a long-standing passion for two things: public health and photojournalism,” says Caitlin Kleiboer, Master of Public Health candidate in health behavior and health education at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. “At Carolina, I am exploring the intersection of these two… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Doctor of Public Health student Health Policy and Management Executive Leadership Program Donald and Jennifer Holzworth Merit Scholar Gift Kamanga believes in his potential to contribute to the well-being of his society. He remembers having that goal as early as age 10, and having it clarified when his grandmother died of… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Doctoral student Epidemiology “My Aunty Dot died of lung cancer soon after I entered college,” Kapuaola Gellert recalls. “She never smoked. Her death made me wonder whether Hawaiians have a higher incidence of cancer compared to other ethnic groups.” The loss of her aunt was the beginning of Gellert’s interest in… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Master’s student Environmental Sciences and Engineering Kang Chang, research assistant at The Water Institute at UNC, writes: I was raised in a typical suburban community. As I grew older, I became aware and concerned with the disparity in the quality of life of people around the world. This became evident through… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Postdoctoral research associate Environmental Sciences and Engineering The Water Institute at UNC Urooj Amjad’s original inspiration for working on water issues was to explore water’s use as a tool for cooperation rather than conflict. In 1998, she researched Israel-Palestine water management issues. In emphasizing cooperation, she explored her related interest in… Read more »

December 27, 2011 Share Why public health? The answer is evident to the more than 1,700 students at UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. They want to stop the spread of disease, end poverty, promote health and education, stop wars — save the world. “Disease and poor health limit opportunities for individuals and societies,… Read more »

November 07, 2012 Members of UNC’s Engineers Without Borders (EWB) make a practice run before the Sept. 16 “Run to Make Water Run” 6K race. Left to right are Jennifer Casanova and Johnny Kim (master’s students, environmental sciences and engineering), Blythe Carter (undergraduate, mathematics), Stephanie O’Daly (undergraduate, environmental science) and Lauren Snyder (master’s student, maternal… Read more »

September 14, 2009 North Carolinians can help make scientific history and advance cancer research by enrolling in the groundbreaking new UNC Health Registry funded by the University Cancer Research Fund. In doing so, they’ll be part of a whole new research effort aimed at determining how best to treat and support those with cancer. There… Read more »