September 26, 2008 As a child, North Carolina State Health Director Leah Devlin spent Sunday afternoons learning how to play basketball. Her father, Fred McCall, worked as a basketball coach and college administrator for 43 years at Campbell University, and he took his wife and children to many of his games.”What it means to be… Read more »

September 26, 2008 As a doctoral student majoring in environmental sciences and engineering at UNC-Chapel Hill, Stephen Morse spent most of his waking hours holed up in a laboratory on the second floor of Rosenau Hall. He studied there. He conducted his experiments there. He wrote his dissertation there. Many of the skills that he… Read more »

September 26, 2008 The end of World War II was a time of movement and change for many, and Dorothy Dunn (MSPH 1946) was among those restless for new beginnings. She had earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and had spent several years in progressively more demanding positions within the U.S. Department… Read more »

September 26, 2008 In 2000, while attending an NCAA basketball tournament in Austin, Texas, Allison Lynn Dauer met a group of students from the University of North Carolina. She spent the next hour talking to them. As they discussed activities and aspirations, Allison sensed that the students were deeply intelligent and insightful and desired to… Read more »

September 26, 2008 It’s not just children! Many young adults also spend hours every day playing interactive video games. Is there a way, UNC researchers wondered, to make those games healthier for people to play? Dr. Deborah Tate, assistant professor in the School’s Departments of Health Behavior and Health Education and Nutrition, will lead UNC’s… Read more »

Chapel Hill, NC – North Carolina received a $449,590 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) to improve the quality of public health and prepare for national public health accreditation. The grant will be administered by the University of North Carolina School of Public Health’s service arm, the N.C. Institute for Public Health.The grant… Read more »

June 19, 2008 The United States Environmental Protection Agency has awarded the University of North Carolina’s School of Public Health a $3.4 million grant to help the School strengthen its research portfolio in computational toxicology and bioinformatics.Computational toxicology is a branch of environmental health sciences that applies mathematical and computer models to predict adverse effects… Read more »

September 26, 2008 A shocking sixty-five percent of American women between the ages of 25 and 45 have disordered eating behaviors, according to the results of a new survey sponsored by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and SELF Magazine. “Our survey found that these behaviors cut across racial and ethnic lines and… Read more »

May 05, 2008 Parents of children with autism were roughly twice as likely to have been hospitalized for a mental disorder, such as schizophrenia, than parents of other children, according to an analysis of Swedish birth and hospital records by a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researcher and colleagues in the U.S. and… Read more »

September 26, 2008 Active living by design was tapped in February 2008 by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to lead Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities, a new five-year, $44-million program, to help underserved and vulnerable communities at greatest risk for childhood obesity plan for and implement changes in policies, systems and environments that increase opportunities for… Read more »