May 01, 2013   Continues to grow! Dr. Phillip C. Singer In June 2011, Dr. Philip Singer, Daniel A. Okun Distinguished Professor of Environmental Engineering at Gillings School of Global Public Health, retired after 38 years at UNC. We salute the following alumni, family and friends who have established the Philip C. Singer Distinguished Professorship… Read more »

May 01, 2013   Solutions on the horizon at the Gillings School As part of a public university, the Gillings School of Global Public Health is committed to making real and measurable differences in the lives of North Carolinians, who are our neighbors and generous benefactors. As our name reflects– and as the world requires–we… Read more »

May 01, 2013 October 2012 – April 2013 Read more at Dr. Greg Allgood Dr. Greg Characklis Dr. Mike Cohen Dr. Leah Devlin Greg Allgood, PhD, alumnus and director of Procter and Gamble’s Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program, was one of 17 celebrities and clean water advocates who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in January to… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Scientific improvisation puts researchers in good company Will Vizuete is a huge fan of jazz. In 2009 and 2010, he was disc jockey for a weekly jazz program on WXYC, the UNC campus station, and he’s still a volunteer DJ on occasion. Part of what he loves about jazz is the improvisation,… Read more »

  May 01, 2013   Discovering what every body is craving   Imagine visiting your doctor for a prescription – not for medication, but for a diet perfectly tailored to your body’s needs. You would get a precise menu for feeling and looking your best – foods to ward off chronic diseases such as cancer… Read more »

May 01, 2013   Most students in Dr. John Paul’s large lecture class have smartphones, and they all have laptops. To boost student engagement, Paul puts the ubiquity of the devices to good advantage. He intersperses lectures with brief polls, and his students respond with text messages that lead to lively discussions. Dr. Jim Porto… Read more »

May 01, 2013   Tinkering his way to an innovative academic career As with many budding researchers, Glenn Walters found his calling in the field. In his case, however, “the field” was not a clinical site, a remote corner of the globe or a neighborhood ruined by industrialization. For Walters, inspiration came from a junkyard…. Read more »

May 01, 2013   Small loans change health behaviors in at-risk young men   The young men from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, had heard it all.They had been educated about safe sex and taught methods to prevent the dramatic spread of HIV ravaging their community. They were encouraged to reduce the ongoing physical and sexual… Read more »

May 01, 2013 Exploring the dark side of the forestTrees are likely responsible for the misty haze that gave name to the Smoky Mountains– and for much of the smog that hangs over cities. Wait Aren’t trees the world’s best air fresheners, producers of oxygen that make our atmosphere healthier? Yes and no. The fragrance… Read more »

  May 01, 2013   North Carolina’s decision about Medicaid expansion affects everyone Some political decisions affect a small group; others impact us all. On February 5, North Carolina senators passed Senate Bill 4; the equivalent bill in the House–16–was passed February 26. Both mandate that the state will opt out of Medicaid expansion. This… Read more »