Centrally Managed Conference and Meeting Spaces

The School has conference spaces with permanent technology ranging in size from 10 to 20 seats and several smaller spaces without technology.

Select the desired room (below) to view its available media equipment and access the room reservation calendar.

Room Reservation Information

Resource Capacity
1001 Michael Hooker Research Center 10
0015 Michael Hooker Research Center 16
3100 Michael Hooker Research Center 16
2005 Michael Hooker Research Center 20
3005 Michael Hooker Research Center 20
101 Rosenau Hall 20


The conference spaces with permanent technology have the following AV equipment:

  • Ceiling mounted LCD Projector
  • Connection for display of a Laptop computer
  • Speakerphone


Additional AV equipment such as Overhead projectors, 35 mm slide projectors, and speakerphones can be reserved thorough AV services by filling out the form located here: AV Reservation Form

For request or inquiries about the physical classroom elements (i.e. chalkboard, chairs, window blinds, etc.), please contact the School’s Facilities Coordinator at 919-843-8101.