CEHS Seminar Series

The UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) coordinates a seminar series during the academic year to feature research related to the Center’s focus areas. For more information about the UNC-CEHS seminar series, contact Michael Sanderson at Michael_Sanderson@unc.edu.

Upcoming Seminar

The UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) is pleased to announce the seminar “Merging high-content and high-throughput screening: Microphysiological Organ-on-a-Chip systems integrating human retinal, cardiac and adipose tissue” featuring Peter Loskill, PhD, Assistant Professor for Experimental Regenerative Medicine at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen. This seminar, which is a part of the UNC-CEHS Seminar Series, will be presented on Wednesday, March 21 at 10:30 am in room 0001 Michael Hooker Research Center Auditorium.

Dr. Peter Loskill

Dr. Peter Loskill is Assistant Professor for Experimental Regenerative Medicine at the Eberhard Karls University Tübingen and head of the Fraunhofer Attract group Organ-on-a-Chip at the Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB) in Stuttgart, Germany. Dr. Loskill graduated in 2012 from Saarland University with a PhD in Physics focusing on Biointerface science. He then spent three years in the laboratory of Professor K E. Healy at the University of California at Berkeley. There, he worked as a post-doctoral fellow and project leader, funded by the NIH NCATS TissueChip program and the German Science Foundation, and developed organ-on-a-chip systems based on human iPS-cell technology.

In 2015, he was named as one of Technology Review’s “Innovators under 35 Germany” and was awarded a Fraunhofer ATTRACT Grant, the highest funded  German starting grant program, which enabled him to start an independent research group at Fraunhofer IGB. His group focuses on the development of human iPS-cell based, parallelizable microphysiological organ-on-a-chip systems with applications in pharmaceutical research, toxicological screening, and mechanistic studies as well as on the development of enabling technologies that support automation and ease of use of these systems.

Refreshments will be provided.

Past Seminars

Speaker: Thomas F. Webster, DSc, Boston University, School of Public Health
Title: Epidemiology of exposure to mixtures: How I learned to start worrying and love the DAG
Date: 1/26/18

Speaker: Marc Weisskopf, PhD, ScD, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Title: Traffic Pollution and Autism in Israel
Date: 11/10/17

Speaker: Thomas J. van’t Erve, PhD, IRTA Fellow, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences
Title: Decoding oxidative stress from inflammation in public health: the 8-iso-PGF2α/ PGF2α ratio
Date: 9/22/17

Speaker: Cheryl Lyn Walker, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine
Title: Developmental Reprogramming of the Epigenome by Early Life Environmental Exposures
Date: 4/5/17

Speaker: Mary Crocker, MD, MPH, UNC School of Medicine
Title: Community and Clinical Partnerships: A Study of Orange County Health Department’s Asthma Home Assessment Program
Date: 3/22/17

Speaker: Yuichi Machida, PhD, Mayo Clinic
Title: Spartan: A New Genome Caretaker and Tumor Suppressor
Date: 3/8/17

Speaker: Scott Burchiel, PhD, University of New Mexico, College of Pharmacy
Title: Assessment of Arsenic Immunotoxicity in Humans and Mice
Date: 2/22/17

Speaker: Nicole Deziel, PhD, MHS, Yale School of Public Health
Title: Evaluating Exposures to Unconventional Oil & Gas Development: A Case Study in Ohio
Date: 1/25/17

Speaker: Mary Rice, MD, MPH, Harvard Medical School
Title: Air Pollution and the Lung: New Frontiers in Environmental Epidemiology
Date: 11/10/16

Speaker: Bevin P. Engelward, ScD, MIT
Title: Part 1: DNA Damage, an Unexpected Pathogenicity Factor for Pneumonia; Part 2: Novel Technologies for Measuring Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity
Date: 10/10/16

Speaker: Brian Lee, Ph.D.
Title: Parental Obesity and Risk of Autism in the Child: Causal or Confounded?
Date: 2/17/15

Speaker: Roel Vermeulen, Ph.D.
Title: The Exposome: Just More of the Same, or Something Different?
Date: 1/13/15

Speaker: Abraham Reichenberg, Ph.D.
Title: Autism and the Environment
Date: 11/11/14

Speaker: Satoshi Tateishi, Ph.D.
Title: Novel Roles of Rad18 and Checkpoint Kinase 2 in DNA Damage Tolerance and Tumor Suppression
Date: 10/22/14

Speaker: Eric Brown, Ph.D.
Title: Genomic instability from replication stress
Date: 10/15/14

Speaker: Raymond Tice, Ph.D.
Title: Tox21: A U.S. Federal Collaboration to Improve the Human Hazard Characterization of Chemicals
Date: 9/9/14

Speaker: Trevor Penning, Ph.D.
Title: Hydrofracking: Public Health Issues and Impacts
Date: 5/23/14

Speaker: Enrique Schisterman, Ph.D.
Title: Preconception low dose aspirin and preterm birth: Findings from EAGer Randomized Trail
Date: 4/8/14

Speaker: William Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Title: Mechanisms of melanomagenesis: the importance of preventing childhood sunburns
Date: 3/18/14

Speaker: Kristina Thayer, Ph.D.
Title: Role of environmental chemicals in diabetes and obesity
Date: 2/6/14

Speaker: Chris Bakkenist, Ph.D.
Title: Targeting the apical DNA damage signaling kinases ATM and ATR for cancer treatment
Date: 1/10/14

Speaker: Terry Noah, M.D.
Title: The CEMALB/Burn Center Collaborative: update on the effects of acute smoke inhalation on airways
Date: 11/13/13

Speaker: Melissa Troester, Ph.D. and Ms. Lidia Tiller
Title: “What did you say?”: Scientists-Community Interaction
Date: 10/12/13

Speaker: Michael Kastan, M.D., Ph.D.
Title: The ATM-p53 Pathway: Molecular Insights to Clinical Applications
Date: 10/8/13

Speaker: William Kaufmann, Ph.D.
Title: Mechanisms of chromosomal instability in melanoma: oncogenic BRAF induces a UV-mutator phenotype
Date: 9/8/13

Speaker: Priscilla K. Cooper, Ph.D.
Title: Collision or Collusion? DNA Repair Pathway Crosstalk by XPG at the Intersection of Cancer & Aging
Date: 4/24/13

Speaker: Robert London, Ph.D.
Title: Organizing DNA Repair: XRCC1
Date: 3/5/13

Speaker: Jim Berger, Ph.D.
Title: Reproducibility of Science: P-values and Multiplicity
Date: 2/13/13

Speaker: Heather Stapleton, Ph.D.
Title: Children’s Exposure to Flame Retardant Chemicals and Potential Health Concerns
Date: 1/23/13

Speaker: Karin Yeatts, Ph.D.
Title: Respiratory and Neurologic Effects of Indoor SO2, NO2, H2S, and HCHO in a Gulf Arab Population
Date: 10/30/12

Speaker: Susan Sumner, Ph.D.
Title: RTI Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (RCMRC)
Date: 10/16/12

Speaker: David Ozonoff, M.D., M.P.H.
Title: Measuring the unmeasurable: When things don’t just add up
Date: 9/25/12

Speaker: Trevor Penning, Ph.D.
Title: Hydrofracking: Public Health Issues and Impacts
Date: 5/23/12

Speaker: Duncan Thomas, Ph.D.
Title: Individual variability in sensitivity to environmental exposures and its implications for risk assessment
Date: 4/17/12

Speaker: Jesus Olivero-Verbel, Ph.D.
Title: Development and Environmental Health Issues in Colombia
Date: 3/6/12

Speaker: Linda S. Birnbaum, Ph.D., D.A.B.T., A.T.S.
Title: You Can Have it All
Date: 3/2/12

Speaker: Robin M. Whyatt, Ph.D.
Title: Effects of prenatal insecticide exposure on child cognitive and behavioral development: Case study in translating science to environmental policy
Date: 12/5/11

Speaker: Hisao Masai, Ph.D.
Title: Regulation of the DNA replication program in fission yeast and human cells
Date: 9/12/11

Speaker: John Witte, Ph.D.
Title: Design and Analysis of Next-Generation Genetic Epidemiology Studies
Date: 4/6/11

Speaker: Bevin P. Engelward, Sc.D.
Title: Drivers of Homologous Recombination and DNA Double Strand Breaks in vivo
Date: 3/21/11

Speaker: Dr. Yvonne P. Dragan, Astra Zeneca
Title: Towards Systems Toxicology
Date: 3/14/11

Speaker: Russ Hauser, M.D., Sc.D.
Title: Bisphenol A and Female Reproductive Health
Date: 3/2/11

Speaker: Moon-Shong Tang, Ph.D.
Title: The Roles of UVA Irradiation, Melanin and XP Genes in Melanomagenesis
Date: 1/26/11

Speaker: Michael Botchan, Ph.D.
Title: Starting and Stopping S Phase
Date: 11/17/10

Speaker: Jane A. Hoppin, Sc.D.
Title: Pesticides and Respiratory Outcomes in the Agricultural Health Study
Date: 10/27/10

Speaker: Marianne Berwick, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Title: Vitamin D and Melanoma – A Balance?
Date: 4/23/10

Speaker: Sunduz Keles, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Title: MOSAICS: Model-based One Sample Analysis and Inference for ChIP-Seq data: from multi-reads to background adjustment to peak calling
Date: 4/21/10

Speaker: Dr. Richard Finnell, Texas A&M
Title: Embryonic Consequences of Abnormal Folate Transport
Date: 1/25/07

Speaker: Dr. Brian Saelens, University of Washington
Title: Neighborhood Built Environment and Children’s Activity and Diet
Date: 12/06/06

Speaker: Dr. Anatoly Zhitkovich, Brown University
Title: Opposite Faces of DNA Repair in Metal Carcinogenesis
Date: 11/06/06

Speaker: Dr. Cyrus Vaziri, Boston University
Title: Regulation of DNA Replication by S-phase Checkpoint Signaling
Date: 09/26/06

Speaker: Dr. Gerd Pfeifer, Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
Title: Mechanisms of UV Mutagenesis
Date: 05/03/06

Speaker: Dr. Leslie Bernstein, University of Southern California
Title: Obesity and Cancer Risk: Etiologic Insights
Date: 04/27/06

Speaker: Dr. Ana Diez-Roux, University of Michigan
Title: Places and Cardiovascular Risk: Evidence and Challenges
Date: 04/20/06

Speaker: Dr. Michael Kramer, McGill University
Title: Long-term Child Health Effects of Prolonged and Exclusive Breastfeeding: Lessons from Belarus
Date: 04/12/06

Speaker: Dr. Junjie Chen, Mayo Clinic
Title: DNA Damage Checkpoints and Tumorigenesis
Date: 03/15/06

Speaker: Dr. Geoff Kabat, Stony Brook University
Title: Environmental Tobacco Smoke and CHD Mortality in the U.S.
Date: 03/03/06

Speaker: Dr. Radim Sram, Czech Institute of Experimental Medicine
Title: Biomarkers of Exposure and Effect and Carcinogenic PAHs in Polluted Air
Date: 02/27/06

Speaker: Dr. Marina Bibikova, llumina, Inc., San Diego, CA
Title: High-throughput DNA methylation profiling: Applications to the classification and diagnosis of disease.
Date: 12/2/05

Speaker: David Mitchell, Univ Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center
Title: UV damage in DNA: Factors controlling the temporal and spatial distribution of the major photoproducts
Date: 11/9/05

Speaker: Ronald Tjeerdema, UC Davis
Title: Application of NMR-Based Techniques to Problems in Environmental Toxicology

Speaker: Stuart Linn, UC Berkeley
Title: The Enigmatic Mammalian DNA Damage Binding Protein, DDB
Date: 10/19/05

Speaker: David Fenyo, Rockefeller University
Title: Predicting the Success Rate of Proteome Analysis by Modeling Protein Abundance Distributions and Experimental Designs
Date: 10/5/05

Speaker: Kenneth B. Tomer, NIEHS
Title: Integrating Proteomics, Gene Expression, Toxicology and Pathology: National Center for Toxicogenomics
Date: 9/14/05

Speaker: Regina M. Santella, Columbia University.
Title: Molecular Epidemiology Studies of Hepatocellular Cancer in Taiwan
Date: 8/30/05

Speaker: Viatcheslav Soldatenkov, Georgetown University
Title: PARP-Mediated Gene Regulation
Date: 5/25/05

Speaker: Louise Ryan, Harvard University
Title: Statistical Methods for Environmental Research III (Lecture Series)
Date: 5/20/05

Speaker: Louise Ryan, Harvard University
Title: Statistical Methods for Environmental Research II (Lecture Series)
Date: 5/19/05

Speaker: Louise Ryan, Harvard University
Title: Statistical Methods for Environmental Research I (Lecture Series)
Date: 5/18/05

Speaker: Mary Wolf, Mount Sinai SoM, NY
Title: Exposures, stress, and infant development in the Mount Sinai World Trade Center Pregnancy Outcome Study
Date: 4/28/05

Speaker: Michelle Williams, Univ Washington
Title: Cross Sectional and Prospective Studies of Dietary and Plasma Vitamin C in Relation to Gestational Diabetes Risk
Date: 4/14/05

Speaker: Scott Burchiel, Univ of New Mexico
Title: Role of PAH-Induced Oxidative Stress in Human Breast Cancer Promotion
Date: 3/24/05

Speaker: Teresa Fan Univ Kentucky-Louisville
Title: Metabolism, an old hat or Metabolomics, a new kid on the block for anticancer research?
Date: 2/23/05

Speaker: Jack Taylor NIEHS
Title: Haplotype structure in Environmental Genome Project DNA Repair Genes
Date: 2/16/05

Speaker: Gary Siuzdak, Scripps Institute
Title: Mass Spectrometry-Based Approaches to Metabolomics
Date: 1/28/05

Speaker: Tom Smith, Harvard University
Title: Hemoglobin biomarker of 1,3-butadiene exposure in petrochemical workers
Date: 1/19/05

Speaker: Richard Wood, University of Pittsburgh
Title: The POLQ family
Date: 12/1/04

Speaker: Antonio Persico, University Campus Bio-Medico, Italy
Title: Gene-environmental interactions in autism pathogenesis: the challenge of complexity
Date: 11/2/04

Speaker: Penny Gordon-Larsen, UNC-CH, Nutrition
Title: Environmental correlates of physical activity and obesity: Neighborhood sociodemographics and physical activity facilities
Date: 10/13/04

Speaker: Jia Chen, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, NY
Title: One-carbon metabolism in colon and breast carcinogenesis
Date: 9/17/04

Speaker: Michael O. Glocker, University of Rostock, Germany
Title: Combined Forces of Transcriptomics, Proteomics, and Mass Spectrometry Lead to the Discovery of Therapy Markers in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pave the Way Towards Individualized Medicine
Date: 9/13/04

Speaker: Arthur P. Grollman SUNY at Stony Brook
Title: Recognition and Repair of Oxidative DNA Damage
Date: 9/8/04

Speaker: Molly Kulesz-Martin, Oregon H&S University
Title: Wild type p53 : Dynamic activities through phosphorylation and acetylation
Date: 5/3/04

Speaker: Margareta Tornqvist, Stockholm University
Title: Doses of genotoxic agents in vivo: applications for risk assessment of acrylamide and butadiene
Date: 4/7/04

Speaker: David Dunson, NIEHS
Title: Bayesian Quantile Regression with Applications to Studies of DNA Damage and Repair
Date: 3/17/04

Speaker: Steven Belinsky, University New Mexico Albuquerque
Title: Promoter Hypermethilation in Lung Cancer: Mechanisms and Gene Targets
Date: 2/6/04

Speaker: Stephen S Hecht, University of Minnesota
Title: Tobacco Carcinogens, Their Biomarkers, and Tobacco-Induced Cancer
Date: 1/14/04

Speaker: John Acquavella, Monsanto Co., St. Louis, MI
Title: The Farm Family Exposure Study
Date: 12/9/03

Speaker: Werner Lutz, University Wuerzburg, Germany
Title: PAH-DNA adducts in blood cells, normal mucosa & tumor tissue of pharynx and larynx
Date: 12/3/03

Speaker: David Bellinger, Child’s Hosp/Harvard
Title: Lead and Neurodevelopment: Update and a Research Agenda
Date: 11/21/03

Speaker: Dr. Mel Anderson, CIIT
Title: Pharmacokinetic Models in Environmental Health: Tools for Discovery and Analysis
Date: 10/29/03

Speaker: Clarice Weinberg, NIEHS, UNC
Title: Can we do better? Old and new design options in epidemiology
Date: 10/15/03

Speaker: Barbara Hales, McGill University
Title: Responses of the organogenesis stage conceptus to genotoxic stress
Date: 9/24/03

Speaker: John Tainer, Scripps Research Institute
Title: DNA Damage, Mutations, and the Structural Basis for Genome Maintenance by DNA Repair Machines
Date: 9/15/03

Speaker: Colin Butler, Australian Natnl University
Title: Public health, human carrying capacity and the future
Date: 7/11/03

Speaker: Jean Cadet, Grenoble, France
Title: Oxidative damage to DNA: from model systems to the cell
Date: 7/8/03

Speaker: Henrik E. Poulsen, University Hosp Copenhagen
Title: Oxidative DNA modification measured in tissue and from urinary excretion
Date: 5/27/03

Speaker: Manolis Kogevinas, NCI Visiting Professor
Title: Recent evidence on bladder cancer and disinfection by-products
Date: 5/7/03

Speaker: Fred Guengerich, Vanderbilt
Title: Reactions of DNA with Dihaloalkanes: Glutathione & DNA Repair Proteins Doing Bad Things
Date: 4/21/03

Speaker: Jerry Rice, Former NCI and IARC
Title: Human environments and human cancer in the 21st Century
Date: 3/31/03

Speaker: Patricia Rodier, University of Rochester
Title: Embryology of autism
Date: 2/6/03

Speaker: Douglas Bell, NIEHS, UNC
Title: Incorporating Human Genetic Variation Into the Risk Assessment Process
Date: 1/29/03

Speaker: Gary Shaw, CA Birth Defects Monitoring Program
Title: Folate intake, folate pathway gene variants, & risks of selected congenital malformations
Date: 12/4/02

Speaker: Marilie Gammon, UNC-CH, Epidemiology
Title: The Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project
Date: 11/14/02

Speaker: Richard D. Kolodner, Ludwig Institute of Cancer Research
Title: Identification of pathways that prevent genome instability
Date: 10/23/02

Speaker: Elaine Faustman, University of Washington
Title: Challenges and successes in incorporating genomic data for developmental toxicology
Date: 9/11/02

Speaker: Paul Kleihues, IARC-WHO, Lyon
Title: Brain tumour genetics and etiology
Date: 5/24/02

Speaker: Andrew Renwick, Univ Southhampton, UK
Title: Refining uncertainty factors – Incorporating scientific data into risk assessment
Date: 4/29/02

Speaker: Chris Bradfield, McArdle Lab, University of Wisconsin
Title: Dioxins, clocks and oxygen: Prototype signals of PAS superfamily of nuclear sensors
Date: 3/8/02

Speaker: Russ Wolfinger SAS Institute
Title: Collaborative software environment for microarray data analysis
Date: 2/8/02

Speaker: John Groopman, Johns Hopkins
Title: Molecular epidemiology: Aflatoxin, p53 mutations and liver cancer as a paradigm
Date: 9/28/01