Facility cores

Integrative Health Science Facility Core

ihsfc pageThe Integrated Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) supports clinical and population-based investigations on the genetic and environmental determinants of human health and disease. We provide scientific consultation for human studies, access to state of the art equipment and expertise, and we promote cross-disciplinary collaborations, integrating human studies research with other research activities of the Center and UNC-CH.

The specific aims of the IHSFC include:

  • To provide scientific consultation for and tracking of clinical and translational human subjects studies.
  • To assist with collection, processing, analysis, and storage of biospecimens.
  • To facilitate access to collaborative human studies.

Core director:
Jeannette Bensen, PhD; Department of Epidemiology
Email: jeannette_bensen@med.unc.edu Phone: (919) 843-1017

Biospecimen Processing Facility Sub-core director:
Patricia Basta, PhD; Department of Epidemiology
Email: patricia_basta@unc.edu Phone: (919) 843-3860

Research specialists:
Michael Andre
Amanda Beaty
Allan Rene de Cotret

Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core


The Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Facility Core (BBFC) provides support for the data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation needs of laboratory, clinical, and population-based investigations in environmental health.

The specific aims of the BBFC include:

  • To provide rigorous and state-of-the-art biostatistics and bioinformatics support to UNC-CEHS researchers in study design, data analysis, and result dissemination.
  • To further the educational mission of UNC-CEHS by providing targeted statistics and bioinformatics education for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty, and by providing in-depth mentoring of junior investigators.
  • To develop and implement new statistical methods where needed to facilitate scientific studies of UNC-CEHS investigators.

BBFC personnel hold weekly walk-in clinic hours for general consultation to graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, or faculty members on biostatistical or bioinformatics aspects of environmental health science studies. Currently the walk-in clinic is open 11am-1pm on every Friday. For questions about the walk-in clinic or to schedule an appointment, contact Christine Kantner.

Core director:
Wei Sun, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: weisun@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-7266

Permanent faculty:
Amy H. Herring, ScD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: amy_herring@unc.edu Phone: (919) 843-6368

Joel Parker, PhD; Department of Genetics
Email: parkerjs@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-9614

Rotating faculty:
Eric Bair, PhD; Department of Biostatistics and School of Dentistry
Email: ebair@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 537-3276

Joseph Ibrahim, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: jibrahim@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 843-2715

Michael Kosorok, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: kosorok@unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-8107

Danyu Lin, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: lin@bios.unc.edu Phone: (919) 843-5134

Donglin Zeng, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: dzeng@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-7273

Haibo Zhou, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: Haibo_Zhou@unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-3885

Fei Zou, PhD; Department of Biostatistics
Email: fzou@bios.unc.edu Phone: (919) 843-4822

Christine Kantner; Department of Biostatistics
Email: ckantner@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-7250

Molecular Analysis Facility Core

bms sub core

The Molecular Analysis Facility Core (MAFC) supports Center members by ensuring access to analytical resources within the following MAFC sub-core facilities:

Support includes consultation and experimental design, routine sample analysis and training, development of novel analytical methods needed to advance research, and in-depth data analysis, integration, and interpretation.

The MAFC achieves this goal of supporting Center members through the following aims:

  • Ensure efficient operations in the MAFC sub-core facilities, upgrading instrumentation and services to meet analytical needs of UNC-CEHS members.
  • Foster a collaborative, learning environment in which MAFC personnel and UNC-CEHS investigators can develop new competencies and research collaborations.
  • Strengthen the partnership between the IHSFC, BBFC and MAFC to enhance the value of data generated in the MAFC and to assist investigators with data integration.
  • Increase visibility and promote capabilities of the MAFC sub-cores to attract new researchers in environmental health sciences.

Core director and Biomarker Mass Spectrometry Sub-core director:
Wanda Bodnar, PhD; Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Email: wanda_bodnar@unc.edu Phone: (919) 843- 0182

Biomarker Mass Spectrometry research specialists:
Peter Cable, BS
Leonard Collins, BS, MBA

DNA Damage Sub-core director:
Jun Nakamura, DVM, PhD; Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
Email: ynakamur@email.unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-6140

DNA Damage research specialist:
Valeriy Afonin, MD

Genome Sciences Sub-core director:
Jason Luo, MD, MS; Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Email: jasonluo@unc.edu Phone: (919) 972-7491

Genome Sciences research specialists:
Amanda Beaty, MS
Yan Shi, PhD

Translational Pathology Laboratory Sub-core director:
Nana Nikolaishvili-Feinberg, PhD; Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center
Email: nanan@med.unc.edu Phone: (919) 966-9620

Translational Pathology Laboratory research specialists:
Stephanie Cohen, PhD
Mervi Eeva, BS
Michelle Mathews, BS
Bentley Midkiff, BS
Albert Wigus, BS
Yongjuan Xia, BS