CEHS has evolved from relying on fixed research cores with specific
members interested in particular types of susceptibilities or methods, to our present organization employing Flexible Interdisciplinary Research Groups (FIRGs), which is an innovative approach to achieving the greatest possible synergy among researchers.

FIRGs bring together diverse combinations of basic, clinical and epidemiologic scientists to address emerging research areas in environmental health. The CEHS provides an environment that fosters maximal growth and interaction of our researchers, facility cores and funding opportunities to maximize the advancement of environmental health.
The FIRGs evolve based on three main factors: the advancement of knowledge that better explains the complex interactions between environmental factors and the pathogenesis of human disease, improvements in scientific expertise and technical resources, and availability of new funding.

Flexible Interdisciplinary Research Groups (FIRGs):

Facility cores:

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Funded by NIEHS Grant # P30 ES010126