UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility

CEHS researchers, staff and students conduct outreach activities that aim to engage community audiences and share CEHS research findings in order to raise awareness about environmental health issues and improve public health.
Pilot Projects Program

The Pilot Projects Program (PPP) stimulates innovative and collaborative research at the UNC-CH CEHS by providing short-term funding to investigators across campus who are either junior investigators in environmental research fields or established investigators in other fields who are exploring a new direction in environmental health science.


CEHS member Anna Maria Siega-Riz discusses her life and work as a woman scientist as a panelist at a forum for “Creating an Inclusive Climate for Female Faculty in the Sciences.” Read more.


The CEHS Community Outreach and Engagement Core staff will present at the annual meetings for the American Public Health Association and the Breast Cancer and the Environment Research Program the week of November 17th.