UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility

UNC CEHS researchers, staff and students conduct outreach activities that engage community audiences and share research findings to increase knowledge about environmental health issues and improve public health.
Research Highlight

Review of emerging developmental toxicants published in Current Opinion in Pediatrics

Emerging exposures of developemental toxicants, co-authored by Dr. Stephanie Engel, Associate Professor in UNC’s Department of Epidemiology and CEHS member, was published recently in Current Opinion in Pediatrics. The purpose of the review is to identify emerging developmental toxicants that are understudied in children’s health.

Sources of exposure include the workplace, personal, home, and office products; food, water, and air. The review describes eight exposure categories that contain numerous potential developmental toxicants.

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Students contribute to a flow chart drawn on a classroom chalkboard.
Outreach Highlight

Students contribute to a flow chart.

Dr. Jason West welcomed the New Year with a candid talk on climate change

On January 4, more than 100 UNC students, faculty, staff, and community members joined Dr. Jason West, Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC Chapel Hill, in a Carolina Science Café conversation about global climate change.

West shared current climate science, including his research on the implications of climate change for current and future generations. He also discussed the political atmosphere regarding climate change and highlighted a few positive trends for the future.

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News & Events

UNC-CEHS Seminar featuring Dr. Cheryl Lyn Walker of Baylor College of Medicine on April 5

The UNC-CH Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) is pleased to announce the seminar “Developmental Reprogramming of the Epigenome by Early Life Environmental Exposures” featuring Dr. Cheryl Lyn Walker, Professor, Departments of Molecular & Cellular Biology and Medicine, and Director, Center for Precision Environmental Health, Baylor College of Medicine.

This seminar, which is a part of the UNC-CEHS Seminar Series, will be presented on Wednesday, April 5 at 2:00 PM in the McGavran-Greenberg building, room 1301.

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