UNC Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility

UNC CEHS researchers, staff and students conduct outreach activities that engage community audiences and share research findings to increase knowledge about environmental health issues and improve public health.
Research Highlight

Komen Gives Top Scientific Honor to CEHS Breast Cancer Researcher

Susan G. Komen will present its highest scientific honor, the Brinker Award for Scientific Distinction, to Charles M. Perou, PhD, a renowned breast cancer researcher at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center. Perou is being recognized for cancer genomics research that demonstrated that breast cancer can be classified into different molecular subtypes, a finding that has had important clinical value. “It is extremely gratifying to receive this award,” said Perou, who is the co-program leader of the UNC Lineberger breast cancer research program.

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Students contribute to a flow chart drawn on a classroom chalkboard.
Outreach Highlight

Students contribute to a flow chart.

COEC collaboration will engage youth and health professionals on climate & health

The Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) at the UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility was awarded an Environmental Health Sciences Core Centers (EHSCC) Program Administrative Supplement that will support an inter-center collaboration with COECs from the NIEHS Center for Environmental Health in Northern Manhattan at Columbia University and the Harvard-NIEHS Center for Environmental Health at Harvard University.

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News & Events

UNC-CEHS Seminar Series October 26, 2016

The UNC CEHS is pleased to announce the seminar “Part 1: DNA Damage, an Unexpected Pathogenicity Factor for Pneumonia; Part 2: Novel Technologies for Measuring Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity,” featuring Dr. Bevin P. Engelward, Professor of Biological Engineering at MIT.

UNC-CEHS Seminar Series November 10, 2016

The UNC-CH Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility (CEHS) is pleased to announce the seminar “Air Pollution and the Lung: New Frontiers in Environmental Epidemiology,” featuring Dr. Mary Rice, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.