CEHS Sentinel newsletter

  • Research Highlight: Links Between Prenatal Exposures and ADHD
  • Researcher Profile: Dr. Temitope Erinosho
  • Community Outreach and Engagement: Partnering to Implement Policy: Addressing Lead Exposure Among Pregnant Women
  • Community Outreach and Engagement: Building Capacity to Address Obesity
  • Research Highlight: Group Facilitates Interdisciplinary Research on Airway Biology, Asthma and Other Diseases
  • Researcher Profile: Exploring Possible Links Between Pregnancy, Obesity and Breast Cancer
  • Community Outreach and Engagement: Helping UNC Researchers Communicate Effectively with African American Women About Breast Cancer Risks
  • Community Outreach and Engagement: Conducting Healthy Homes Assessments in Kinston
  • From the Director’s Desk
  • Researcher Profile: Navigating CEHS Resources
  • Research Highlight: Interpreting Data to Support Emerging Environmental Health Research
  • Community Outreach and Engagement News: Building Outreach in Vulnerable Communities
  • Community Outreach and Engagement News: Healthy Homes
Issue #6
  • Building a Better Mouse Model
  • From the Director’s Desk
  • Obesity, Chemical Exposure and Breast Cancer
  • CEHS Pilot Projects
  • Community Outreach and Education News: Breast Cancer, Skin Cancer, and Lead Poisoning Prevention
Issue #5
  • Understanding the Environment’s Effect on Asthma
  • From the Director’s Desk
  • International Collaboration to Explore Genes, Environment and Melanoma
  • CEHS Pilot Projects
  • Community Outreach and Education News: Asthma and Skin Cancer
Issue #4
  • CEHS launches Obesity Research Core
  • From the Director’s Desk
  • Behind the Scenes: Epidemiologist Marilie Gammon links Environment to Breast, Esophageal Cancers
  • New Workshop Gives Teachers the Skinny on Obesity
  • Breast Cancer Workshop Still Available
  • CEHS Loses Leader, Friend
Issue #3
  • UNC CEHS Celebrates Past, Looks to Future
  • Behind the Scenes: A Glimpse into the Lab of Toxicogeneticist Bill Kaufmann
  • UNC CEHS part of National Health Education Project
Issue #2
  • CEHS Pilot Grants Help Jump-Start Research
  • Behind the Scenes: A Peek into the Lab of Environmental Scientist Stephen Rappaport
  • Connecting the Center’s Work to the Community
  • CEHS Helps Build UNC Research Faculty
  • Enrichment Program Brings Experts to UNC-Chapel Hill
Issue #1
  • UNC Chosen for Innovative National Research Center: Grant to Open Center for Environmental Health and Susceptibility Awarded in April 2001
  • CEHS Wins Two New Research Grants
  • Behind the Scenes: A Glance into the Research of Epidemiologist Andrew Olshan
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