More than 1 million North Carolina residents have been diagnosed with asthma, and it is the most common chronic disease among children and one of the primary reasons for school absences. [Source: NC Division of Public Health]

View this asthma awareness public service announcement (PSA) produced by the CEHS Community Outreach and Engagement Core (COEC) and the UNC School of Journalism.

Community outreach

The COEC is sharing CEHS research on air pollution and health, focusing on how people can improve air quality in NC:

  • The COEC conducts the 3 hour train-the-trainer workshop Asthma, Allergies and Air Quality for health professionals who wish to educate their patients about environmental influences on asthma. The COEC’s asthma outreach toolkit provides slides and hands-on activities for use in informal educational settings, such as church-sponsored summer camps and health summits, after school programs, and local health department events.
  • COEC staff members serve on the statewide Asthma Advisory Team for the NC Asthma Program in the Division of Public Health, providing information on CEHS research and outreach expertise in the implementation of the State Asthma Plan. COEC staff members also participate in the Asthma Alliance of North Carolina, a statewide partnership working to reduce the impact of asthma.
  • The COEC partnered with the regional ABC affiliate WTVD 11 and the UNC School of Journalism and Communication to broadcast PSAs and 15-minute Heart of Carolina Perspectives health segments. Both these projects, seen by over 32,000 viewers on TV and YouTube, educated the public about environmental influences on asthma and simple ways people can improve air quality.


CEHS researchers are studying how environmental factors influence asthma development or worsen existing asthma. Read about Pollutants and Asthma and the research of Dr. David Peden, a pediatrician and director of the Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma, and Lung Biology (CEMALB). Learn about CEHS asthma research in the Pulmonary Disease Flexible Interdisciplinary Research Group (FIRG).

Educational materials

Additional resources

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