Administrative core


Dr. James Swenberg, CEHS Director

Dr. James Swenberg, CEHS Director

The goal of the Administrative Core is to provide leadership to the Center, ensuring coordination, integration and efficient operation of all its components and activities. The Administrative Core houses the Director, Deputy Director, Scientific Coordinator, Director of Interdisciplinary Research, Business Manager, and other support personnel. After eight years of successful research-promotion activities, the Center is making three important organizational changes in order to advance to a higher level of accomplishment of its mission:

  1. Transition from research cores to Flexible Interdisciplinary Research Groups;
  2. Reorganization and enhancement of the Facility Cores; and
  3. Creation of a Director of Interdisciplinary Research position.

The Administrative Core is responsible for membership decisions, financial operations, recruitment, Pilot Projects Program, Enrichment Program, communications, and evaluation activities, including those of the Internal Advisory Committee (which meets quarterly) and the External Advisory Committee (which meets annually).


This goal is achieved through the following specific aims:

  • Provide a supportive structure and coordination for all of the Facility Cores, Flexible Interdisciplinary Research Groups, and the COEC;
  • Organize the Pilot Projects Program and Enrichment Program;
  • Manage the fiscal operations of the Center;
  • Coordinate and enhance access by Center investigators to Facility Cores through the Director of Interdisciplinary Research;
  • Hold regular meetings of the Center’s Executive Committee, Internal Advisory Committee, External Advisory Committee and Community Advisory Committee;
  • Make decisions regarding the addition of new Center Members and Associate Members, and continued membership of approved members;
  • Assess productivity, effectiveness and appropriateness of Center activities; and
  • Communicate with the Center membership, the departments, schools, University, NIEHS, and the citizens of North Carolina and the nation.

Director, members and affiliates

Center Director: James Swenberg, DVM, PhD
Deputy Director: Marilie Gammon, PhD
Director of Interdisciplinary Research: William Kaufmann, PhD
Scientific Coordinator: Jorge Izquierdo, DDS, PhD
Business Manager: Rhonda Turner, BS

Funded by NIEHS Grant # P30 ES010126