Environmental Sciences and Engineering News

Darryl Carstensen’s MSENV technical report final defense

December 06, 2005 Darryl Carstensen presents his MSENV technical report final defense on Wednesday, December 7th at 10:00AM in 2304 McGavran-Greenberg.Culture-independent Identification of Phenol-degrading Bacteria in Activated Sludge by Stable Isotope Probing (Under the direction of Michael Aitken) Molecular methods in microbiology have provided more detailed insight of the activated sludge process in recent years…. Read more »

Jennifer L. Hsieh’s MSPH Technical Report Final Defense

November 29, 2005 Jennifer Hsieh presents her MSPH Technical Report Final Defense November 29th, at 1:00pm in the Michael Hooker Research Center room 3005.Dynamics of Vibrio sp. in the Eutrophic Neuse River Estuary, NC: Improvements for Predictive Models and Molecular Detection Methods Estuaries are susceptible to the impacts of environmental change as enriched by eutrophication,… Read more »

Huei-An Chu’s final Doctoral Dissertation Defense 12/1

November 29, 2005 Huei-An Chu’s final Doctoral Dissertation Defense is this Thursday, December 1st at 3:30pm in the Miller Hall conference room.A Framework of Risk-Based Decision Making by Characterizing Variability and Uncertainty Probabilistically: Using Arsenic in Drinking Water as an Example Risk-based regulatory decisions generally apply a margin of safety meant to guard against underestimation… Read more »

Andrea Maloney presents her defense on Monday, November 28th at 3:00pm

November 29, 2005 Andrea Maloney presents her defense on Monday, November 28th at 3:00pm in room 2005 of the Michael Hooker Research Center. Full details follow.Comparison of Conventional hemi nested RT-PCR assay and TaqMan. Realtime RT-PCR assay for the detection of Human Noroviruses in Environmental Water Samples (Under the direction of Dr. Jan Vinji) Noroviruses… Read more »

2006 Symposium – Safe Drinking Water: Where Science Meets Policy – Agenda

November 17, 2005 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will be hosting a symposium at the Friday Center on March 16 and 17, 2006 entitled “Safe Drinking Water: Where Science Meets Policy.” There are four themes for the symposium: water and human health in developing countries and disadvantaged communities, emerging chemical and microbial… Read more »

Assistant Professor Ivan Rusyn is Co-PI for a new EPA-sponsored center at UNC

November 14, 2005 The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded UNC a five-year $4.5 million grant to establish the Carolina Environmental Bioinformatics Research Center. The Center will consist of three projects that are organized around the functional areas of data analysis, methods development, and tools implementation. Rusyn and David Stotts, Associate Professor and… Read more »

Treavor Boyer wins AWWA Student Best Paper Award

November 14, 2005 Treavor Boyer’s (PhD, Singer Advisor) paper entitled “Continuous-flow pilot-scale testing of a magnetic ion exchange resin for removal of disinfection byproduct precursors” has been selected as one of two Student Best Papers at the Water Quality Technology Conference held in Quebec City, Canada on November 6-10, 2005. This award recognizes students for… Read more »

James K. Edzwald recipient of 2005 Distinguished Alumnus Award

November 02, 2005 The Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering is pleased to announce Dr. James K. Edzwald as the recipient of an ESE Distinguished Alumnus Award for 2005 and featured guest at the Department’s biannual Open House held on October 15, 2005. Edzwald has held positions at several universities during his distinguished career and… Read more »

Seung-Jae Lee presents November 4, 2005

November 02, 2005 Seung-Jae Lee presents his dissertation final oral defense Friday, November 4, 2005 at 9:00 A.M. in 2304 McGavran-Greenberg. Full details are as follows:Models of Soft Data in Geostatistics and Their Application in Environmental and Health Mapping (Under the direction of Marc L. Serre) Spatiotemporal Geostatistics provides an efficient mapping estimation method to… Read more »

Nadine Czoschke presents final dissertation on November 7, 2005

November 01, 2005 Nadine Czoschke presents her final dissertation oral defense on Monday, November 7, 2005 at 2PM in room 527 of the Health Sciences Library. Full details are as follows:Acid Catalyzed Heterogeneous Reactions and the Formation of 1-pinene Secondary Organic Aerosol ABSTRACT Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) is studied for its importance to climatic forcing… Read more »